The Elusive Blanket

September 23, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

When you move to another country, especially one half-way around the world from your home, you expect that there will be some things you are used to that will now be difficult or impossible to obtain. I was concerned about salmon sushi. What is really difficult to obtain? A common bed blanket.

We started out with a comforter, then moved up to a feather duvet. But, despite the constant airconditioning, these were too much. Too warm. There are cheap fleece blankets, but these are not enough and get all wonky once they are laundered. So, we began a search for a run-of-the-mill blanket.

store display of animal print fleece blankets

The problem is that run-of-the-mill blankets don’t seem to exist here. When you walk into a store and ask the sales person if they have blankets, they say “yes, sir” then show you the duvets. We said that wasn’t what we were looking for and he asked what a blanket was. Seriously.

Throw blankets exist and I actually considered buying several and sewing them together. We have finally found a quilted bedspread. We’ll see how that works, or not.

Sheets can also be somewhat challenging. When we first arrived I bought packages expecting a full sheet set only to find a single flat sheet and two pillow cases, no fitted sheet. If you go to Ikea, it’s the other way around – one fitted sheet with no flat sheet. So, I ended up combining the flat from one store and the fitted from the other. I get excited when I find a complete set. It’s the small pleasures in life, they say.



  1. Indeed, the small pleasures! 😉

  2. I made our bedspread by sewing huge panels of polar fleece together. mostly cuz the quilt was worn out and I needed something for a CA Queen. I backed it with a flannel sheet.

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