Groceries Again

November 8, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

special k cereal boxes

Apparently, if I buy this cereal, open the box, find the special code, and enter it online, I will have a chance of winning a tube of lipstick. Hmmm….

dish drop brand dish soap in a bottle with a smiley face shape

Dish Drop doesn’t conjure pictures of wise dish handling, but the bottle looks happy.

tortilla chips

Stone Ground Nacho Rock Salted Tortilla Chips seems like quite a mouthful. So does Stone Ground Stars Traditional Tortilla Chips . I think I will just call them Saloon or Jail flavored.

video section labelled catalogue

The catalogue section of DVDs – what does this mean? Also, notice what movies make it into this country, uncut – Sin City, Pulp Fiction, etc. There was a copy of American Beauty, too.

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