Travelling via Global Village

November 14, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

entrance gate

With the cooler weather comes the Global Village. We lined up at the gate for opening at 4 p.m.

two story facade colonial style

The façades of the pavilions change each year. I particularly like the fake fans on this colonial style building.

sign stating amazing thailand always amazes you

Thailand’s marketing seems a little redundant.

bright yellow, red and gold facade

The Hong Kong pavilion is quite colorful and inviting.

sign advertizing gangam style coffee

Gangnam style coffee was available in the South Korea pavilion, but I didn’t see anyone dancing.

artificial canal and pavilions

Being early in the season and early in the evening, the crowds were light and it was quite pleasant.

artificial canal and pavilions

We purchased a few things in the African pavilion. They have many intriguing, hand made items. On our next visit, I will definitely go back to the Tipsy Gypsy booth in the Spain pavilion for lovely Christmas gifts.

artificial canal and pavilions

If you are in the UAE and haven’t gone to Global Village, you are missing out. Go, have some legaimat (Emirati doughnuts), stroll through the pavilions, and catch some of the music/dance performances. It is worthwhile.


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