San Francisco Christmas Stroll

December 24, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Saturday evening we took a stroll in downtown San Francisco to enjoy the sights.

4 men playing steel drums on a street corner

An excellent steel drum band was providing atmosphere.

animatronic display of figures skating around a Christmas tree

The figures skating around the tree in this window display included a skating dog.

large lighted tree with red star at the top

Union Square was all decked out.

five story building with wreaths in every window

Macy’s had a wreath in every window.

window display with a Christmas tree next to a staircase

Tiffany had tasteful decorations in the windows.

cable car

A San Francisco cable car. I found it interesting that there is the sound of horse hooves clopping. It is the sound of the cable under the surface of the street. It beats against the conduit and sounds like horses.

Maru Sushi restaurant

Then we looked for dinner and chose Maru Sushi. It was quite delicious.

window display of Victorian people with handbags

There’s a bag for everyone in this store.

travel case that contains two dog bowls

Even the dog.

snow man and Christmas tree window display

It was a pleasant, cool, rainy evening. Helped to improve my Christmas spirit.


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