The Boat that Rocks Afternoon

February 10, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

At the invitation of Rock Radio 90.7, we headed off to Jebel Ali for an afternoon on a boat.

Google map view of Jebel Ali

The weather was perfect – sunny, as always, and a pleasant breeze.

long boat with glassed in lower level and open deck on top

DaddyBird dressed appropriately.

man wearing an Iron Maiden jacket standing at the bow of the boat

There were a variety of vessels out on water.

a small sailboat, motor boat and yacht on the waters

The posts in the distance are the unfinished bridge to the Jebel Ali Palm Island.

man on a paddle board

There’s no surf in the Gulf, so they do paddle boarding instead.

card game spread across a table

We got a few rounds of Guillotine card game in.

sun approaching the horizon, shining on the water

By the time the sun was reaching the horizon, our relaxing boat ride was over.

sun setting behind palm trees


One comment

  1. soooo very pretty~almost like honeymoon scenes! :o)

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