Fujairah Morning Sights

February 23, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

large mosque

While I was out early on Friday morning taking pictures of the sunrise, I took a few more of random sights. Starting with the new mosque which is either completed or near completion. There hasn’t been an opening ceremony, yet.

side view of the mosque

It has been interesting watching this building being built over the last year and a half.

view of main dome

The building on the far right is our apartment building. I suspect that we will hear the call to prayer loud and clear from there.

mosque at sunrise

mosque with sun directly behind it

The mosque is a beautiful addition to the skyline.

city skyline silhouetted in front of the sun

The tree in the picture below is interesting and hardy.

bent tree

You never know what you will see, including feral donkeys wondering around. The city is expanding and encroaching on their usual territory.

two feral donkeys in the city


One comment

  1. feral donkeys????? like stray cats? And that is a lovely mosque. It does give a lovely shape to the skyline~

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