Fancy Duds

April 5, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

couple in Indian attire

Photo by Shruti Jagdeesh

Here we are in our Indian attire at the wedding of Mali and Zarina. DaddyBird is wearing a sherwani and I am wearing a salwar kameez.

It was our first Muslim Indian wedding. It was held in a hotel ballroom. Men and women were separated by a partition. The event was scheduled to begin at 8 pm, but most people arrived around 9:30 pm. The bride joined the ladies and sat on a couch where she was greeted and congratulated by the guests. Many pictures were taken. Dinner was served about an hour later. Around 11 pm it was announced that the partition would be taken down so that men and women could come together. The announcement is made to allow the women who cover their hair time to wrap up. This actually happened about 45 minutes later. The groom joined the bride and the speech making by friends and family began. We left at 12:30 am because we had an hour drive ahead and I had to go to work the next morning. Word is that the party continued until 3 am. Sometime after we left there was a Star Wars Death Star wedding cake.

We wish Mali and Zarina all the best. They are wonderful people.

(Our thanks to Shruti for taking our picture!)



  1. You both look so nice!

  2. Wonderful! Keith & Kimberly (Horton) Cox traveled to India two years ago to be IN a wedding — 3 days, 5 outfits, one Kimberly bought weighed about 25 lbs! Walking through the streets dancing, party until 5 am and starting again around 2 in the afternoon and doing it all again. What an opportunity you had and you look great! Sorry you had to work the next day.

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