Dinner Adventure

April 6, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

It began with a walk in the neighborhood of our hotel looking for a restaurant. We soon discovered there was little to choose from. DaddyBird flagged down a taxi and asked if he could take us to Al Quds Restaurant (purported to be the best place to get Mansaf – the national dish). The taxi driver wasn’t sure, but it was agreed that he would take us downtown. This led to a fairly long drive. The meter said 27 at the beginning of our ride. We are used to cheap taxi rides where petrol is cheap, so I began to worry as I saw the meter going up and up. I only had 140 dinars because we haven’t changed all of our cash, yet. When the meter hit 130 I was envisioning us being stranded downtown with no money to get back to the hotel. We arrived downtown and found the Al Quds Restaurant very easily. The restaurant appears to have two names – Al Quds and Jerusalem Restaurant.

The meter showed 190 which turned out to be 1.90 much to my relief. So our ride only cost 2 dinar ($2.68).

downtown Amman at night

This was the restaurant we were hoping to find. No fancy ambiance.

man in a wood panelled restaurant

English menu:


We ordered mansaf, motabal, mango juice, and lemon juice. This meal cost 13.30 dinar ($9.30).

dishes of rice, meat, bread, moutabel, mango juice, lemon juice

Here is a close up of the mansaf. It was quite tasty.

rice, meat, almonds

After walking around a little bit in the downtown area where most of the businesses were closed for the evening, we flagged down a taxi. We are staying in a small, little known hotel, so the driver didn’t know where it was. DaddyBird only had a general idea where it was. So, the driver called someone to ask for directions. Those directions led to a completely different hotel. We drove around the general area for a bit. The driver stopped at a grocery store to ask the locals if they knew where it was. They did not. We knew we were close because we were seeing familiar things. I had taken the photo below soon after leaving the hotel, so I showed it to the driver. It did not help him. We stopped again on a backstreet and the driver asked some locals about the hotel and then about the street in the photo. It turns out that the street is known by another name. They told him where the street was. As soon as we reached it, we recognized where we were and found the hotel. This time the taxi ride cost 3.33 dinar ($4.70).

street sign

It was a pleasant evening with good food and a bit of drama for excitement.


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