Jordan, Day Two – Citadel, Amphitheatre, Wadi Rum

April 7, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

Wow, this was an eventful and amazing day. I took 341 pictures – click here to see them.

We started with the Citadel, the top of a hill in the heart of Amman which has a wealth of archaeological sites dating from all periods – early bronze age, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, etc.

couple at archaeological site

From here we went to the Roman amphitheatre at the base of this hill.


There is also a small museum there. While looking at this dress, a young woman standing next to me asked “Do you like it?” I said, “Yes, it’s beautiful.” She said “Not so much.” I’m guessing, but there seemed to be a group of students so she may have been a Jordanian university student. Too bad she doesn’t appreciate her own past. Since I’ve made clothing and done embroidery, I have a better appreciation for what kind of work went into creating this beautiful dress.

black dress with red embroidery

Next we were on the road to Wadi Rum. This took about three hours.

bearded man and limestone mountain

Wadi Rum is a large area of limestone formations. We rode in the back of a jeep pickup driven by a bedouin who lives in the valley. It was an amazing time.

ancient rock art depicting camels

We stopped a couple of times to see petroglyphs.

eroded limestone formation

We stayed for sunset, then it was back to our tour driver so we could head to our hotel in Wadi Musa. Tomorrow we explore Petra.

We are having an amazing time.


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  1. so.much.fun!

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