New Damascus

April 17, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

We’ve done it again – found another good restaurant.

restaurant sign

We ventured out to try a “new to us” restaurant. As we drove up, we checked to see if the restaurant was busy and were a little concerned that there were only two tables occupied by customers. But, we checked the time, which was 8 pm, and realized that it wasn’t the local dinner time, yet.

plate of carrots and limes and a bowl of soup

There didn’t seem to be any menus to choose from, so we had to ask the waiter what they offered. We decided on mixed grills and asked about salad. He assured us they had salad. First came the soup which was tangy and had onions and liver in it.

four plates of salad

Then came the salads – two rocca (arugula) salads, cabbage & tomato & cucumber salad, and tabouleh. Also, two small plates of hummus. The salads were perfect.

plate of varied meats

And then the mixed grill – chicken tikka, lamb tikka, kabab, lamb chop, and arayes (spice mincemeat-filled oven-baked flatbread sandwiches).

two small cups of tea

The waiter brought us tea to finish the meal without our having to ask. It is like he read our minds. The bill came to 62 AED ($17.00). New Damascus is located in Fujairah, just north of the souk.


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