Etihad Mall

June 16, 2013

Posted by Kanga.


We stopped by Etihad Mall to check out Kan Ya Ma Kan (Once Upon a Time) bookstore. It is a lovely little store with Arabic picture books.

picture book

I can hardly wait for the English translation of Maitha Al Khayat’s new book, The Runaway Louse. That’s one energetic looking bug.

There are a few malls that are not targeted at tourists. Etihad Mall is one of them. The signs of this are the traditional clothing stores and tailors, perfume shops, and dish shops, like this one.

extravagant dishes

I don’t know what that big green thing is for. Boggles the mind. (May be used to infuse clothing with incense.)

tea cup rack shaped like an Arab boat

This rather impressive tea cup rack shaped like an Arab boat caught our eyes.

Umm Saqeem Traditional Kitchen

And, in the food court, you will find choices like Umm Saqeem Traditional Kitchen. I would tell you what was available, except that the menu pictures were labeled only in Arabic. It appears it is likely to be Ma’louba, Margooga, Harees, Machbous, etc.


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