Sharjah Aquarium

June 24, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

After nearly five years in the country, we finally got around to going to the Sharjah Aquarium.

large ugly fish

There were lots of tasty looking groupers. These are also known as hamour, the most commonly eaten fish in the area. Unfortunately, they are now overfished. It doesn’t pay to be so very tasty.

diver hugging a sea turtle

Turtle buddies.

purple fish

The aquarium is quite pleasant. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and it was fairly quiet and peaceful. As we were leaving around 6 pm more people were arriving, so it may be more populated in the evening. The entrance fee is 20 AED per person and includes admittance to the neighboring Maritime Museum. Well worth it.

sign instructing not to use flash photography, rap on the glass, drop coins in the tanks, or offer your finger to hungry fish

Please don’t pay the fish, flash the fish, feed the fish, or punch the fish.

More pictures here.


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