Ukraine: Day One

June 29, 2013

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view out plane window of airport control tower

We departed from the Sharjah Airport on Air Arabia. This was a new experience. We usually travel from the much, much larger Dubai airport. Sharjah airport is small and quite efficient.


This is my food court breakfast (freshly made mushroom and onion omelette), which I had to gobble down because the loud speaker started calling passengers for our flight. We arrived at the “gate” and were bussed to the plane.

space between my knees and the seat in front of me

Happily, the flight was only half full, so we had plenty of space and no one reclining the seats in front of us. Air Arabia was a pleasant experience. They are a low frills airline, similar to Southwest Airlines. The tickets are cheaper, but you pay fees for things like the weight of your bags (which is nice because you can pay less if you travel light or if you know you will have a heavy bag, you can pay for the weight you need). There is food on the plane, but you pay for that separately, too.

airplane drop down screen showing safety video

The safety video was the best I’ve seen because they cleverly cast only children. It was actually interesting to watch.

Japanese style fan on an airplane seat

It was a bit hot, especially since we had been bussed out to the plane on the tarmac rather than walking through an air conditioned gangway. However, I always come prepared for these eventualities.

close up of the airplane safety guide sheet showing a red X through a remote control toy car

I was disappointed to find that I was not allowed to play with my remote control car. All that aisle space and I can’t race up and down it?

airplane safety sheet showing a red X through something indistinguishable

I never did figure out this illustration of something I am not supposed to do. My best guess is that when the plane crashes, before I exit, I am supposed to remove my shoes and leave my briefcase behind. I assure you, I will not be taking off my shoes during a crash. My bags are on their own, but until they provide ample leg space, my shoes are sticking with me.

cartoon on an airplane drop down screen

There was entertainment provided, beginning with a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It was nice to see old Bugs. I haven’t seen him in ages. We were amused at how much kissing and groping there was in this little cartoon. I wouldn’t be allowed to have this cartoon in my library.

view out the airplane window

After a short flight (less than 5 hours), we arrived in the verdant Ukraine.

Soviet style apartment buildings

For all the pictures and commentary, click here.

We ventured out in the evening just as a summer rainstorm let loose. We waited under a sheltered area until the worst was over. Thunder, lightning, rivers rushing down hill. All very exciting. Needless to say my shoes were soon soaked. I only brought one pair. 😦

Brief video of the fountain at Ocean Plaza mall.


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  1. Is today Day 3?

    Just wondering 😉

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