Ukraine: Day Three

July 1, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

A rather low key day spent wondering about, looking at our surroundings. Most of the time spent sitting, eating, and talking.

blue sky, white clouds, ornate gable of an old building

To see all the pictures and commentary, click here.

Public transport is old, noisy, and bumpy, but it is reliable and cheap. You might want earplugs for riding on the subway train, but it will only cost 2 Hryvnia ($0.25 US or 0.90 AED) to ride to any destination on the three lines. To ride the trolley buses (electric) it will cost you a whopping 1.50 Hryvnia ($0.18 US or 0.67 AED) for a single ride for any distance. Both the trains and the buses run on frequent schedules. During peak times, the trains run at 3 minute intervals and off-peak 6 minutes, or so. (Back when I was travelling by public transit in Portland Oregon, the intervals were 10, 15, 20 minutes and more off-peak.)

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