Ukraine: Day Six

July 5, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

The walking we did on Day Five very nearly did me in, therefore, Day Six became rest up day. We did nearly nothing other than eat and sleep.

bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs

The advantage of renting a studio apartment, having a vague itinerary, and travelling with my chef is the freshly made hot breakfasts.

ironwork sculpture - bearded man with watering can

We did venture out in the evening to meet our friend for dinner. Walking from the metro train station to the restaurant, we passed this apartment building that has a blacksmith shop in the ground floor. I suspect that they never lack for heat in this building.

ironwork sculpture - knight's helmet mounted on the side of the building

Back to the neighborhood restaurant from Day Three, we had a lovely dinner with our friend Rupert.

light brown bread slices in a basket

Having ordered “white bread” this is what came. Rather healthy looking white bread.

salad of cucumber, tomato, onion, feta cheese, and olives.

This is my Greek salad.

pork meat, grilled squash, and tomato sauce

DaddyBird’s pork entree.

two pieces of beef steak with wine sauce

My steak with wine sauce. (There were a couple of other pictures I was going to add, but I cannot seem to get them to load successfully.)

We had a pleasant, relaxing evening followed by a train ride and walk back to our apartment. However, upon arriving we discovered that the electricity was out in our building. It was just our building. DaddyBird had planned for such emergencies, so he had flashlights. The real problem was sleeping, since DaddyBird has sleep apnea and needs a CPAP device which requires electricity. It was a hot and restless night. We can say that we’ve had the complete Ukrainian experience.



  1. The food looks good!

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