August 9, 2013

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

Our first Sunday back in the States, I went to church with my in-laws. I haven’t been to a church service in a very long time. This church was fairly traditional and followed a familiar pattern. I enjoyed the music which was a mixture of old hymns and modern choruses. Singing is what I miss most.

This week we attended a very different church, The Bridge. The church currently meets in a yoga studio. Prior to the church service, food and goods are distributed to the homeless and anyone in need.

people selecting food

The church service was conducted as if it it were a restaurant and the activities were menu items introduced by the faux French maitre d’, Pastor Jeff. This included prayer, a story, a rhythmic recitation, and a dance break.

people dancing

It was a lot of fun and meaningful. There was something for everyone – stories, music, movement, art, and humor. Very multiple intelligence.


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