Do you miss America?

August 13, 2013

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

view of the Columbia River from Crown Point

We are often asked if we miss America or most specifically if there are things we miss. Our answer is “No, we don’t miss America, but we miss Portland.” We miss the many people there that we love, we miss the climate, and we miss the culture. It is really too bad that we can’t afford to live in Portland.

Our Oregon sojourn is over and we are in California for a few days again. To see all our Portlandia pictures click here. To see all of our Oregon pictures click here.

We’ve been terribly remiss. We visited many friends, as many as we could squeeze in in one week. However, we did not even think to take pictures with all of them. Duh! I’m so used to taking pictures in a culture where people usually don’t want their picture taken, that I forget that it is acceptable. Despite the lack of photographic evidence, we enjoyed our time with Cedate, Laura, Tony, Colleen, Mari, Jeremy, Sue, Kraig, Paul, Gary, Troy, Martina, Todd, Angie, Kristen, Troy, Shawna, and Linda. If I’ve missed someone, my apologies. It was a whirlwind week and my brain is old.

Here is something that we do miss. The coin operated laundry.

large laundry machines

We spent Sunday afternoon in a self-service laundry. There are no such things in the UAE. People there either have laundry machines in their home or give their laundry to a laundry service. Our current all-in-one laundry machine does not remove cat hair, so we happily ran our clothes through these machines and reveled in the lack of cat hair when they came out.

coin operated clothes dryers

This is a rather disjointed blog post, but I hope it makes some sense. We love Oregon and Portland, specifically, and enjoyed our time there.


  1. Just a +1 nothing else.
    What a heartfelt desire for your home-country, well done on expressing so very eloquently. xxxXxxx

  2. America is a pretty broad concept-And so much of the ‘American’ culture seeps into the everywhere…I totally understand your missing the climate, certain places, and peoples. And Portland is definitely a horse of a different color. :o) And I miss you two already-I missed you when I watched your car drive off! (Jon also asked why I didn’t take any pix with you guys~)

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