World Animal Remembrance Month

September 12, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

September is World Animal Remembrance Month. I suspect that most of the World is unaware of this fact. I only stumbled upon this fact today, myself.

The scope of this “remembrance” is “to remember, respect and honor the memory of all animals—a month to pay tribute to companion animal family members; animal victims of abuse, cruelty and neglect; animals lost in natural disasters; and animals killed in the line of duty.” http://www.answers.com/topic/world-animal-remembrance-month

Here’s my contribution to World Animal Remembrance – Meet Bessie the Cow.

eight people and one cow

Pictured here are my Aunt Louella, Great-Aunt Alice, Great-Uncle Charlie, Bessie the Cow, Great-Aunt Mary, my mother, Great-Uncle Sharon, cousin Mildred, and Grandma Bettie. How do I know the cow’s name is Bessie? Because when writing the names of the people in the picture on the back, my grandmother included Bessie. Multiple pictures were taken that day and Bessie figured prominently. I never had the pleasure of meeting Bessie, but I am sure she was a fine cow.

If you don’t come from a farming family, you might think it’s strange to include your farm animal in the family photo. Farmers totally understand.



  1. Oh Karla, this is such an endearing post, lovely 🙂

  2. cows and tractors-they are all family!

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