September 28, 2013

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six lane freeway with few cars

It is one of those weekends when we have reason to drive into Dubai on both days. Ya gotta love Friday morning traffic.

approaching Dubai Mall and Sheikh Zayed Road

Here’s your obligatory iconic picture:

view of the tallest building in the world from the street below

We had doctor appointments in the afternoon, but first we went to the Sumo Sushi restaurant at Jumeirah Town Centre at the invitation of the owner to help taste test some new dishes.

sushi roll of brown rice topped with salmon

They were all delicious. The above is made with brown rice, green onions, salmon and black roe. Yummy!

sushi roll of salmon and cucumber

This one is cucumber and salmon and very beautiful, but a little tricky to get into your mouth before it falls apart. Still yummy.

shrimp roll topped with fried carrot

This one has shrimp inside. It was delicious, but what I really liked was the crispy fried shredded carrot. One of the major things I like about sushi is the combination of different textures. The carrots are all about texture. In the background are squid rolls which were very interesting on the texture and taste scale.

shrimp, cucumber, rolled in rice wrapper

This one is pattered after Thai fresh spring rolls. Delicious. I think I ate most of them.

tuna, avocado, fried carrots

This is my A#1 favorite. Tuna, avocado, and fried carrots. The only way to make this better is to use salmon (my personal favorite fish). I would definitely order this every time. (A bonus – it is paleo in that there is no rice.)

nigiri style seared salmon

Seared salmon nigiri was a big hit with everyone. It was delicious, but probably 3rd on my list.

rice, salmon, tuna layered and cut in triangle shapes

A new style sushi sandwich with slices of tuna, salmon with avocado and roe. This was a hit, too.

Unfortunately, only a few will make it to the menu. I’m crossing my fingers for the brown rice/salmon maki, the tuna/avocado salad, and fried shredded carrots on EVERYTHING.

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  1. looks so pretty!!!!!!

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