Infrastructure Should Come First

October 5, 2013

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

trench dug between buildings

This is the view around our apartment building lately. This is not the first time they have dug a trench along here and torn out the paving bricks and made a mess.

trench across parking lot

This trench goes across the one and only entrance/exit to the underground parking. Now, why this trench can’t be dug 30 feet north where there are no structures, I don’t know. Why these pipes weren’t laid before the buildings were put up, I don’t know.

Here is how building is done. They put up a building first. There are no electrical lines to the construction area. There are no sewer lines laid prior to building. There are often no paved roadways to the construction site either. The building may never get a sewer line. (Sewage goes into tanks in the subbasement and trucks come by to pump out the contents, hopefully on a regular basis. Our building is 21 stories tall with 7 apartments on each of 17 floors and offices on 3 floors – you do the math.) The building may, or may not, get city supplied electricity. Our building is one half city utilities and one half connected to a generator in the basement. The generator is permanently installed.


One comment

  1. And there I was bemoaning my lack of central heating, apparently now delayed until 15th October, but all buildings connected to mains, so no orange pumping trucks here!

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