Veterans Day

November 11, 2013

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My grandmother and grandfather sent their three sons off to World War II. Happily, all three of those sons came home intact. My Uncle Ray served as a medic helping to transport wounded soldiers back home. My father worked in the Pacific as an airplane mechanic. Their younger brother, Marv was a combat soldier in Europe.

soldier in uniform

My Dad

World War II impacted everyone. It was part of everyday life. Those who stayed at home supported friends and loved ones in a variety of ways. My mother was a pen pal for several soldiers from her hometown. For those who might not know just what to write, the greeting card industry helped out.

colorful card

We’re all behind you soldier! We’re proud to buy the bonds and stamps. We’re glad to pay the taxes! Because we know you’ll grab the foe…

inside of greeting card

and kick ’em in the Axis! Keep ’em flying!

The world is an imperfect and sometimes ugly place. Bullies have to be policed on the individual level and on the global level. This means that some have had to put their lives on the line and stand up to them. Being mostly a pacifist, I would prefer it if we all just did unto others as we would have them do unto us. Since not everyone does, someone has to do the kicking.


  1. are the cards relics from your mum’s? those are really fun-I love stuff like that. We have a deck of playing cards replicating posters from WW2. Unfortunately, Steve’s mom doesn’t remember any of it.

    • The card was in my father’s service scrapbook.

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