Al Meshwar

December 19, 2013

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Al Meshwar was the first Fujairah restaurant where we dined back in 2009. We’ve been back a few times, in part because it is one of the few places open during “siesta” time. We dropped in again yesterday afternoon.

a glass of watermelon juice and a glass of lemon and mint drink

Fresh lemon mint and watermelon juices resulted in unintended Christmas colors.

rocket salad, mutabel, bread, and olives

Our usual salads and appetizers – rocket salad (jarjir), mutabel (eggplant), freshly baked bread, and olives.

chicken livers

One of my recently acquired favorites is chicken livers. They are served in a pomegranate sauce. Yummy.

lamb chops and french fries

The lamb chops were spectacular. The food has always been good here, but it seemed a step up this time.

Al Meshwar is easy to find. It is in the heart of town, across from the World Trade Centre. It was described in a travel book as “Flintstones meets the Crusade Castle” which pretty much sums it up.

One comment

  1. Only now have you discovered chicken livers!

    Another good poultry offal is chicken hearts, similar methods of cooking between the two, even though hearts need a gentler heat.

    Best vegetable accompaniment is mashed potato, never pureed 🙂

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