Bull Butting Friday

December 30, 2013

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

two brahma bulls tied to posts

Friday we ventured out to the bull butting competition on the Fujairah corniche. This is an old tradition brought to the region by the Portuguese.

two bulls butting heads

Two bulls butt heads and push in a feat of strength.

two bulls butting heads in a dirt arena

It is held every Friday afternoon between prayers and sunset. As near as we can tell, there is no money or prizes involved. Pride in having a winning bull is the reward. Some drive from as far away as Abu Dhabi to participate.



  1. It might be a good idea to take one or two of the bulls along to your New Year celebrations, they should be able to clear the roads for you! 😉

  2. kinda like tractor pulls in the US–only without cash.

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