The Oldest Pair of Cats

January 10, 2014

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

Increased acquisition of jewelry over recent years (my addiction to the Yemeni pavilion at Global Village) resulted in a need for better storage. I needed to be able to see the range of what was available instead of relying on my memory which is getting older all the time. I also needed a full length mirror, since the first chance to see myself full length each morning was in the elevator. By then, it’s too late to make changes.

a free standing full length mirror with a  jewelry storage area inside

I killed two birds with one stone in buying this free standing mirror, jewelry armoire combo. Previously, storage consisted of three wooden boxes and various small boxes. It was difficult to see what was available and choose what would best match my attire. That problem is now solved, but I could still use more space for a few of my mother’s pieces and future acquisitions.

Going through those boxes to select what to display resulted in reacquainting myself with old treasures. The cat pins pictured below are the oldest pieces I own. My Aunt Louella gave them to me over forty years ago. I have worn them many times and I am surprised that they still have all their stones. I wish I could show her that I still have and cherish them, but she’s been gone for many years. She is one of those people I didn’t really appreciate until almost too late. I have my little kitties to remind me and they will be out and about sometime soon. I think maybe with my new blue polka dot dress. We’ll see.

two blue cat brooches with rhinestone eyes



  1. So where is the “selfie”?

  2. this is beautiful, Kanga. And I love the idea of being able to see yourself before the elevator ride. I finally broke down and had the mirror installed quite a while back, best decision EVER.

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