Drive to Al Ain Zoo

January 12, 2014

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

Our road trip to the Al Ain Zoo started with a camel in the road in the Maleha area.

two SUVs stopped for a blonde camel in the road

He was honked off the road and sauntered off to find a tasty bush.

blonde camel on side of the road

Then on to the Al Ain Zoo. We arrived just as everyone else was leaving. The zoo is open until 8 pm, but the sun goes down around 6:45 pm these days. We had about an hour of light left. Hyenas are scary in the daylight and even worse in the dark.


The zoo is quite nice and has good exhibit facilities.

oryx and gazelles

Above are oryx and gazelles. These are native animals. The oryx was hunted to the edge of extinction, but breeding programs are bringing them back.

white tiger

Unless you like massive crowds of people, it would be best to go late in the day, like we did, or on a week day not during school breaks, although you might still have to deal with school field trip students. In other words, prepare for a crowd experience.


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