Beer, Sausage, Cheese – Rinse, Repeat

April 3, 2014

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Our agenda for the next few days in Prague, Czech Republic is beer, sausage, and cheese. We will probably get a bit of sight seeing in, too.

street view in Prague

For the first few pictures, click here.

From the moment of touchdown, our experience has been lovely. The flight, however, was not so lovely. We arrived at Dubai International Airport at terminal 3. After check-in & baggage drop off, we went through passport and security. These were all normal and easy. Our gate was A7, which is at the newer terminal (number 4?) so we took the train to that terminal and walked down to the end of it, gate A7. This is were it gets stupid. Gate A7 is actually a bus terminal. They load people onto buses and drive them to a plane. I hate this because it means standing in a moving bus which has no seats and is crammed with people followed by climbing wobbly metal stairs, dragging my carry on luggage to get into the plane. This bus ride was ridiculously long. They drove us from terminal 4, through terminal 2, to the far end of the airport. An exact map of the airport is not available, for obvious reasons, but here is my approximation:

Google map of DXB airport showing point of departure to point of arrival at plane on opposite ends

Emirates Airline is clearly over-reaching and scheduling more flights than it can actually handle. The last several flights we have taken with them have all be late in departing due to stupid stuff like this. Next time we book a flight we will look at other airlines a bit more seriously.

One comment

  1. Any chance of getting a sequence of photos from these stairs, that would really assist with our interpretation of Prague: https://twitter.com/MarikaMarku/status/451608489757265920 😉

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