Wadi Safad

May 9, 2014

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green hill with archeological ruins

This is an archeological site in Wadi Safad. There was a small fort at the top of the hill, houses on the sides of the hill, and a mosque at the lower left. The two standing walls are a newer structure, probably a tobacco drying shed. Notice how green the hill is. This photo was taken in February and proof of how wet this winter was.

buried pipeline and warning sign

Not only does the road cut through this archeological site, but right up against the base of the hill is the oil pipeline that runs from Abu Dhabi to the Fujairah port.

close up of fort ruins at top of the hill

Close up of the fort at the top. For more information, read An archaeological and architectural evaluation of a fort in the Wadi Safad, Emirate of Fujairah and A Preliminary Survey of the Archaeology of Wadi Safad, Fujairah, UAE.

feral donkey

A donkey wondered along while we were there.

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