2010 in Retrospective

July 26, 2014

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twin skyscraper buildings

We vacationed in Kuala Lumpur. We only spent 6 days there which was not long enough. It was our first time leaving the cats at home while we traveled, so we kept it short.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur was an interesting combination of old and new, tropical and urban.

Some construction projects in Dubai continued, some slowed, and some stopped until further notice. The Dubai Metro train continued as the completion dates were extended more than once. The red line opened in September and the green line stretched into 2011.

elevated metro train

We attended a few bull butting competitions in Fujairah.

two bulls butting heads

Dubai continued to supply amusing sites and wonders.

industrial area with foam sculptures including the statue of liberty

The Burj Khalifa opened in January, but we waited until the crowds died down a bit before going up to the observation deck for a look around.

observation deck

Ford Middle East had a promotional event involving test drives. I rode as a passenger with a professional driver doing figure 8s at high speed. Thankful for the helmet since my head kept banging against the door.

woman wearing driving helmet

Dubia traffic continued to provide sites and wonders. I’m certain this vehicle wasn’t designed for street travel and passengers.

landscaping tractor with three men riding on it

We drove out to Al Ain to explore some of the historical sites.

round Arab style fort with single round tower

Above is the Hili Fort in Al Ain. Below is the date grove next to it.

date tree grove

We drove up Jebel Hafeet to see the sunset.

a 4000 foot mountain on the horizon

When one goes to a mall in Dubai, one never knows what will happen. DaddyBird got to hold a falcon for the first time.

man holding a hooded falcon

We went to the Dubai camel racetrack to see a race.

camels kneeling behind the starting line waiting for their turn

Christmas eve was spent with friends at Bu Qtair with Christmas crackers and fun.

people opening Christmas crackers

New Year’s eve was also spent at Bu Qtair followed by the Burj Arab fireworks.



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