2011 in Retrospective

July 30, 2014

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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey

2011 began with a two week trip to Istanbul, Turkey. This was one of our most enjoyable and amazing vacations.

cultural preservation area

Later in the Spring, we visited Abu Dhabi for a day and went to the heritage center.

two actors and camera operating director

DaddyBird had a supporting role in an independent film. Unfortunately, we’ve never seen the end product. I will be eternally curious.

father and daughter

June brought the high school graduation of BabyBird and a trip to North Carolina to celebrate this milestone with her.

two high piles of cardboard boxes with cats on top

There was no summer trip to exotic places due to a job change that required a move to another town. This was a ridiculously stressful situation and we survived it only through the kindness and help of good friends.

library books

My new job began with cataloging every book in the library. It took a year to finish because I also had to prepare and facilitate weekly activities for students.

historic Arab fort

We took a day trip up Wadi Hayl to the Hayl fort. This is where the Fujairah ruling family lived dating back to 1830 CE.

inside of a public transport train

We rode the new metro Green Line.

Arab man riding a horse carrying the nation's flag

A celebration of local history and culture was held at the beach park.

flooded city street

It was a rainy winter.

restored old Arab fort

We explored Bithnah Fort from the outside.

people sitting on a carpeted floor

We got the opportunity to share Fujairah with visiting authors who were attending the Sharjah International Book Fair. We introduced them to mandi (meat and rice meal), Fujairah Fort, and the bull butting competition.

restored old Arab fort

It was the 40th anniversary of the formation of the United Arab Emirates, so there were more celebrations extending through the whole month.

tailor measuring a customer

DaddyBird was fitted for new kandoorahs.

man in Arab garb

Now he can fit right in.

Arab man balancing a sword

The celebrations included a month long sword competition.

city square in old town Athens, the Parthenon in the distance

Christmas was spent in Athens, Greece. For me it was a “bucket list” sort of trip.

Greek ruins on side of mountain

We took a day trip to Delphi, which I highly recommend.


And we were back in Dubai in time for our traditional fish at Bu Qtair restaurant followed by Burj Al Arab fireworks.


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