Breakfast Food Tour

August 10, 2014

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

Chinese crepe

I was awake for a few hours in the middle of the night and then drowsed back off. This is not abnormal, so it isn’t just jet lag. I woke up to find that DaddyBird was dressed and was waking me just to tell me he was off for the breakfast food tour. My brain had to kick into gear fast to decide if I was going to roll over or scramble to go along. My feet are shot from the last four weeks or so. This was a tough decision. I opted to push my poor feet further than they want to go so that I wouldn’t miss out.

The tour is conducted through UnTour Shanghai.

bowls of noodles

It was all very delicious. The path of the tour went through the former French concession which is very beautiful.

For all the photos, click here.





  1. Even before I view the fb photo’s I know this is going to be good, you having posted so promptly 🙂

  2. I was right…………..

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