Saturday Evening on the Bund

August 17, 2014

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pearl tower lit at night

After a laze about Saturday, we headed out in the evening to explore. We took the metro train to Nanjing Road. It is a popular pedestrianized street between the Bund and the People’s Square. We walked the length of it and back again.

store display of pork jerky

We were happy to find a shop selling bakkwa. It was quite pricey, but we had some anyway.

After walking the length of Nanjing Street, we joined the crowd heading for the Bund. The street between the two isn’t pedestrianized all the way, but it might as well be. On the right side was a sea of people walking to the Bund and on the left was a sea of people walking back from the Bund and a few cars managed to squeeze in between.

The Bund is along the side of the river. We found a place to sit and people watch for a while. There are many people to watch. Surprisingly, we did not find the crowds oppressive or annoying. Everyone is just out for a stroll and polite. The weather was cooperative as well. It was not very humid and the temperature actually goes down after sunset here, unlike the UAE where it goes up.

We headed to the Captain Bar on the roof of the Captain Hostel. It has a great view if you are early enough or lucky enough to find a seat on the deck. We sat inside and had a pleasant dinner.

By the time we made it back to the metro stop, they were locking up for the night, so we had to find alternative transportation. There was a lot of competition for taxis, so DaddyBird opted for Uber. We were picked up within just a few minutes and had a very pleasant ride home. (It is so relaxing to ride in a car that isn’t traveling at the speed of sound. I don’t miss 120+ kph.)

All the photos – click here.



  1. With so many people around how was your taxi able to identify you? 😉

    Are you still at the point and buy phase, or has Paul got his language up to speed?

  2. as much as I enjoyed your desert posts, these are soothing in a way. Am glad we can go with you as you journey.

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