Second Week and a Little Bit Over

August 22, 2014

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

Much happened in our second week. Oliver and Bert came home from quarantine a day early. This is because Oliver had gone on a hunger strike and they were concerned about him. The cats have settled in very quickly, are eating fine, and are doing well.

white cat laying down

We’ve been exploring the neighborhood and eating a variety of food. My favorite, so far, is the hot pot restaurant under the Carrefour Supermarket. There is a marvelous “food court” that doesn’t really deserve to be called a food court because it is definitely a cut above that. There are a variety of restaurants serving freshly made food. At the hot pot restaurant, each person has their own pot and you can order any ingredients off the menu.

ceramic bowl containing broth

I can have the non-spicy broth and DaddyBird can have the one with all the chilies in it.

basket holding a variety of mushrooms

A basket of mushrooms.

thinly sliced meat, sliced lotus root

Sliced lotus root, sliced meat – toss it in the boiling pot to cook.

carafe of limeade

A carafe of limeade, and you’ve got it made. The two of us ate for 128 yuan ($20.00, 76 AED). Very healthy and very tasty.

To see all the pictures from the second week (and a half), click here.


One comment

  1. somehow I missed this post! and it looks to be one of my favorites~I love food that is cooked while you watch and Oliver sure looks good~

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