Shanghai Zoo

September 6, 2014

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carved archway of the zoo depicting elephants

Last Sunday, we went to the zoo, despite the weather prediction of 60% chance of rain. Not one drop of rain, but it was a pleasant afternoon anyway.

a lizard

There were reptiles and snakes and fish. This fellow was quite a poser.

a pond with people in boats like bumper cars

There were several ponds. This one has bumper boats which looks like fun.

open lawn area and large deciduous trees

Large wide open green park areas. Notice how crowded the park is.

mother and baby chimpanzees

There were two baby chimpanzees as well as other young ones.

brown bear standing on hind legs

The brown bear was quite the beggar. He was talented at catching the food tossed to him before it hit the ground.

giant panda eating bamboo

And, of course, we saw the Giant Pandas.

DaddyBird had read some reviews online that said the zoo was depressing, but we do not agree. There is room for improvement – mostly the fault of visitors. There is too much garbage in the exhibits and park areas. There were coins in the alligator exhibit. I do not know if people think it is lucky somehow. The zoo certainly has plenty of space and room for additional exhibits. We didn’t see everything, so will probably go back and take anyone who visits us.

restaurant sign

We headed across the street to Dumpling King of North China for some very lovely dumplings.

bowl of 18 dumplings


We had leek and egg dumplings and pork dumplings. The menu was bilingual, so no surprises this time. Yummy and recommended if you are ever near the Shanghai Zoo.

As usual, there are more pictures – click here.

There is also a panda video – click here.


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