Dongtai Lu Antique Market

October 12, 2014

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

display of various items for sale

We made a second visit to the Dongtai Lu Antique Market. The buildings will soon be demolished to make way for new buildings. The stalls have a mixture of trinkets, reproductions, and old stuff. There may be some treasures in there somewhere, but hard to know what is of value.

a variety of toys cars

Here’s a variety of toy cars and even Cinderella’s carriage.

tricycle cart with a variety of dried fruit

You have to be careful not to be run over by the scooters or dried fruit carts.

variety of things for sale

Some stalls are like an out of control yard sale.

old sewing machines, statues, suitcases

Having recently moved, thereby packing everything up and letting go of much more stuff, helps us pass by most of this. There is often a beautiful teapot or dish, a set of stacking turtles, jade bracelet, or mechanical bird clock.




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