Exploring Shanghai History

February 19, 2015

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

First, you may have noticed that I have not posted in quite some time. Well over a month, in fact. I, too, noticed this and pondered it for a while, because I just have not felt like posting. It is not because we have not done interesting things. It seems to be because I am so happy here. While we were in the U.A.E. I was posting to prove there were good aspects. Things to be appreciated. I needed that to offset the parts that were miserable. Now that we are in China and the job is going very well and we are finding it very easy to live in China, I am not as motivated to post to the blog. So, my apologies for the long hiatus. I will endeavor to do better in sharing our happy adventures.

We have not been idle in the last month. We took a walking tour of the Jingjiang lilong neighborhood. (CityWeekend article about the tour – here. If you look closely at the first color picture in this article, you can see DaddyBird’s bald head on the right under the lamp.) For the photos I took – click here.

brick four story building

Most of these neighborhoods are being torn down, but this one might escape that fate as there were some important historical figures who lived here and when it was originally built, it was high quality architecture and craftsmanship, so is much more durable than some of the other neighborhoods.

art deco style door in old Shanghai municipality building

On another weekend, we took a tour of the municipality buildings constructed under Chiang Kai Shek. For more info – click here. To see my pictures, click here. The library building has been abandoned for quite some time, but is now under reconstruction and will be used as a library again. I look forward to seeing it restored to it’s former glory and purpose.

Today is the Chinese New Year. I am told that the celebrations will take several days. We will be getting out and about to do some touristy things.

What we have learned so far:

1. Chinese fireworks are LOUD and not heavily regulated. Airborne fireworks are available to the average Joe. Some are the sparkly starbursts we are all familiar with and some are just designed for noise making. They make a loud bang when ignited on the ground, then fly up into the air and make another loud bang. The timing of setting them off is up to the individual, apparently. Therefore, it sounded like a war zone in our neighborhood from about 7 pm to 12:30 am. I heard more fireworks at 6:30 am the next day.

2. If one was born in the year of the Goat (Sheep or Ram), one should wear red underwear to ward off bad luck. All year. That’s a lot of red underwear.

We wish you all Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity! (fu lu shou)





  1. Am so excited for your new adventure! I loved seeing the different things you shared in the first part of your blogging adventures. Am loving the things in this chapter of your life. Blessings to you both!

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere, you have both been sorely missed 🙂

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