Thames Town, P.R.C.

February 28, 2015

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neighborhood sign

We hopped on the bus, the train, and the bus to get to Thames Town. What is Thames Town, you might ask. It is one of the nine towns of the One City, Nine Towns project. It is a housing project finished in 2006 designed to draw people out to the suburbs. The entire community is patterned after classic British market town styles. It has been referred to as a “ghost town,” but we saw plenty of people and many parked cars, so not so ghosty after all.

 buildings of different styles

The experience turned out to be more interesting than we expected. The town is actually very well designed and built. It does not look like a cheap knock off. They did a good job of mixing the architectural styles, much like the real London.

nineteenth century style English church

They even included this church modeled after Christ Church in Bristol. Unfortunately, it was locked up tight, so we could not see inside. We are very curious to see what is inside.

statue of James Bond as portrayed by  Pierce Brosnan

There are statues all over town. Some easily recognizable, like James Bond, Winston Churchill, and Princess Diana, but others are harder to pin down. Mostly writers of different eras.

British red phone booth

There were red phone booths, but no blue police boxes.

It is a really lovely place. Too bad it is about 19 miles away from where I work. To see all the pictures, click here.


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