Something’s Afoot

April 23, 2015

Posted by Kanga. Please do not reblog.

It’s possible that reading a paranormal Sherlockian mystery novel* is having an effect on how I look at the world around me.

a key ring tied to a lamp post

Last month, DaddyBird noticed these keys tied to a lamp post. They are still there, piquing my curiosity.

a photograph of a man sitting at a desk laying on a street curb

This photo appeared one day, just below the keys on the lamppost. I start to wonder about the story of this street corner.

a park path covered in leaves

Another mystery appeared in our park. The leaves had been swept into piles, but abandoned, as was the broom and garbage bag. I wondered what happened to the sweeper. The piles have since dissipated with traffic. The broom has disappeared, but the bag remains.

*Jackaby by William Ritter ISBN 9781616203535

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  1. incredibly very strange!

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