Eating Xianese if You Please

December 24, 2015

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four story Chinese tower

Bell Tower, Xian China

We traveled by overnight train from Shanghai to Xian. I recommend this form of travel. A private sleeper with a private toilet cost less than the cheapest airfare. Worth it. Not the easiest sleep, but overall it is low stress.

We checked into our hotel. Hunted up some soup and dumplings. Then took a long nap.

two bowls of soup

Won ton soup – noodles, cilantro, seaweed, and tiny tiny shrimp

In the evening, we went on a food tour provided by Lost Plate Tours, which we highly recommend. There were two other couples with us on the evening tour and it was a lot of fun. We squeezed into two tuktuks and bounced all over town to eat some really fantastic foods off the tourist track. We ate like locals.

steaming basket of dumplings

After a good night’s sleep, we got up and did it again, going on the morning food tour. This time it was just DaddyBird and I with the guide. More fantastically delicious food.

round flaky pastry

We spent the afternoon walking back to the hotel. We happened upon a Daoist temple on the way.

Daoist temple

To see all the pictures:

Day One

Day Two

Day Three


  1. squeeeeee!

  2. Great pictures 🙂

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