Mulberry Street

June 18, 2017

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picture of Dr Seuss book

Unless you had a deprived childhood, you probably remember And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss. We have been in Shanghai China for nearly 3 years now (coming up this August) and we feel as if we live on Mulberry Street. We may all have our own interpretation of what that book is about, but for me it is about imagination and about keeping your eyes open to the world around you. The amazing, wondrous world around you.

homeless man drawing the Mona Lisa in chalk on the sidewalk

Whether it is the homeless man drawing the Mona Lisa in chalk on the sidewalk.

old building with ramshackle pigeon coops on the roof and laundry hanging from the second story

Or laundry day and roof top pigeon coops

coin operated kiddy ride

Or horrifyingly ugly kiddie rides

a large red truck blocking a very wide crosswalk

Or bad driving (thank you truck for blocking the entire crosswalk and making pedestrians walk around you)

package of fruit candy labeled

Or truth in labelling

an elderly man in an electric wheelchair traveling down the street

Or determination to get where one is going

a woman with a vintage bicycle

Or a good old fashioned bicycle

wooden 3d puzzle of an uzi pistol

Or unusual toys (notice this wooden 3D puzzle of an uzi pistol is for 6 years and up – use responsibly)

three wheeled cycle loaded with recyclables

Or the ubiquitous recycling carts

a toilet placed outside a building for disposal

Or a random toilet

old Chinese building and random objects

Or the beauty of the old and random

two baskets of eggs and a weighing scale on the sidewalk

Or eggs being sold on the sidewalk

restaurant in an alleyway

Or the tiny (fantastic) restaurant in an alleyway

woman wearing a coat with

Or advice emblazoned on the back of a stranger

woman wearing a shirt that shows Donald Duck's butt and says

Some of which should not be followed

cars, bus, three wheeled cart, and chaos

More chaotic traffic

large truck filled with about two stories worth of plastic bottles

More recycling

a shop window with a sign for waxing showing a sasquatch

Amusing (or insulting) signs


The Friday suitcase brigade (They will be going straight from work to the train station. Also, it is easier to roll one’s suitcase in the street than on the sidewalk.)

traffic blocked by a large green truck

Again with the bad traffic

street washers filling up the tanks on their three wheeled bicycle street washing machines

Street washers filling up their tanks from a hydrant

tank with large goldfish and black and white skates

Food or pets?

a three wheeled cart full of recycled wood

More recycling


And the colors of a summer rain shower.

I have more pictures, but I don’t want to task your patience. You get the idea. Every day is an adventure if you live on Mulberry Street.


One comment

  1. I’m going to miss Mulberry Street. Although, I bet you’ll find another one!

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