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The Qipao

June 23, 2018

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four Chinese qipao dresses on display

We recently went to a display of qipao dresses which had been owned by the Soong sisters or members of their extended family. If you are not familiar with the Soong family, it’s time for a little Wikipedia reading. These three sisters all married powerful men and were influential in Chinese politics themselves. Ai-ling married the finance minister H.H. Kung, Ching-ling married Sun Yat-sen, and Mei-ling married Chiang Kai-shek. At least two of those names should be familiar.

Green beaded qipao dress

dark blue, loose fitting qipao dress

black, unadorned, long sleeve, long skirt, qipao dress

two loose fitting, embroidered qipao dresses

black and white photo of two of the Soong sisters

Several of these dresses were on loan from the Shanghai Pavillion of Treasured Qipaos of Bygone Era. We will have to do some detective work to find out where this is. To see more pictures – click here.


Tailor Made, Part Two

June 7, 2015

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man in black linen Chinese tunic

We went back to the South Bund Soft-Spinning Material Market to pick up DaddyBird’s new shirts. He looks very dapper in the black linen traditional Chinese tunic.

entrance to the mall

Across the street from the South Bund Soft-Spinning Material Market is the Shanghai Zhongfu Soft-Spinning Material Mall. I was curious to see how they compare. So, in we went.

hallway lined with clothing shops but no customers

Compared to the hustle and bustle of the South Bund market, this was the opposite end of the spectrum. Very few customers. Much more pleasant to walk down the aisles without having your personal space violated constantly. The clothes of the first floor were quite formal – tuxes, gowns, suits, traditional Chinese dresses (qipao).

Chinese restaurant

Next, it was time to eat, so we just dropped in here.

menu showing "slobber beef"

The menu English translations were quite entertaining. So, we ordered some “slobber beef.” The Chinese characters are “mouth water beef meat.” We suspect that it was tongue or maybe it is just mouth wateringly good beef. (Also pictured – jellyfish in vinegar, fried jellyfish, a chicken goose, local guild roast duck, wine ??? little yellow croaker)

"cuts the mutton in vain"

“Cuts the mutton in vain”

"the palace explodes the shrimp ball"

“The palace explodes the shrimp ball”

"grandmother red-roasted pork"

“Grandmother red-roasted pork”

"the salty egg yolk stir fries before stewing the taro"

“The salty egg yolk stir fries before stewing the taro”

set of dishes wrapped in plastic

When we approached the restaurant I noticed that there were plastic crates of dirty dishes on the sidewalk. The dish sets come like this on the table. I assume this means that instead of washing the dishes in house, they use a service that picks up the dirty dishes and delivers clean sets all wrapped up in plastic and ready to go. We have seen this at other restaurants as well.

landscape painting of autumn forest and river

Over our table was a painting with “happy trees.”

dishes, two beer large bottles

A couple of tall beers and we are ready for the slobber beef.

plate of buns and mixed meat and vegetables

First to arrive was the “pork burgers.”

bun turned over showing the hollow underside

We are not certain how to eat this, but we decided the most likely plan of action was to fill the hollow underside of the bun with the meat and veggies. The buns are different colors due to slightly different ingredients, but the taste was not significantly different.

two dishes, one of salted egg taro and the other of beef

Then came the slobber beef and the salted egg taro. The slobber beef turned out to be wickedly spicy, so I used the rather bland taro to put out the fire on my tongue.


Fancy Duds

April 5, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

couple in Indian attire

Photo by Shruti Jagdeesh

Here we are in our Indian attire at the wedding of Mali and Zarina. DaddyBird is wearing a sherwani and I am wearing a salwar kameez.

It was our first Muslim Indian wedding. It was held in a hotel ballroom. Men and women were separated by a partition. The event was scheduled to begin at 8 pm, but most people arrived around 9:30 pm. The bride joined the ladies and sat on a couch where she was greeted and congratulated by the guests. Many pictures were taken. Dinner was served about an hour later. Around 11 pm it was announced that the partition would be taken down so that men and women could come together. The announcement is made to allow the women who cover their hair time to wrap up. This actually happened about 45 minutes later. The groom joined the bride and the speech making by friends and family began. We left at 12:30 am because we had an hour drive ahead and I had to go to work the next morning. Word is that the party continued until 3 am. Sometime after we left there was a Star Wars Death Star wedding cake.

We wish Mali and Zarina all the best. They are wonderful people.

(Our thanks to Shruti for taking our picture!)


No Lingerie For You

October 25, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

I am puzzled. There are many, many lingerie shops, especially in Dubai (not so much in Fujairah) and, yet, the only thing sold at Victoria’s Secret is perfume.

Victoria's Secret store in a mall

One of the things that we found surprising in our first week in the country was the contrast in the malls where there will be abaya and gown stores right next to lingerie stores (displaying some pretty naughty stuff in the windows). These stores display things that I have never seen at a Victoria’s Secret (U.S.) store. More along the lines of Frederick’s of Hollywood.


Because Sequins Just Weren’t Enough

August 14, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Black sequin gown with beads and rosebuds

The mall window displays never cease to amaze.

black sequin gown with a huge black bow

red and white polka dot tentacles

I’m not sure what Louis Vuitton is selling, but I found this off-putting.

large multi-colored flower


Random Words on T-Shirts

December 6, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

We haven’t posted crazy t-shirts in a while and found a few gems while shopping this evening, so here’s a fresh batch:

yellow t-shirt

“Chan meal love best beateliful things mahe thin feel good” – If you say so.

pink t-shirt with sewn on black bra and fringe

This is for that layered look that never gets old or tacky.

grey t-shirt picturing a bicycle built for two

This one says “Employd women wieh infane children face, dilemma of whether tokeep” The best I can make out of that is “employed women with infant children face a dilemma of whether to keep.” Why would anyone want such a depressing message on their shirt? What are they deciding to keep/not keep – the children or the job?

playboy bunny images over the words 'playboy'

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of Playboy imagery there is here.

red t-shirt with Pluto the dog

Apparently, the young Pluto started out with Shopmark before he was picked up by Disney.


Kandora Chic

December 1, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

man in a black kandora

The kandoras we ordered on Saturday were ready for pick up today. So, nothing would do, but a quick trip to Dubai to pick them up.

man in a blue kandora

The white really shows off DaddyBird’s beard, don’t you think?

man in white kandora

Oliver got under the black kandora, playing hide and seek, but the white one freaked him out. Maybe he doesn’t like the competition.