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More Ridin’ the Green Line

September 19, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Dos and don’ts of riding the Dubai metro.

Do read the screen carefully on the ticket machine or you’ll end up getting a day pass when you really just wanted to add money to your Nol card.

Don’t bother minding the gap, because there isn’t one.

Do go to the front car (if it isn’t too crowded) to get a good view of the track ahead and the satellite covered roof tops.


Ridin’ the Green Line

September 19, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Saturday we headed into Dubai to ride the recently opened Green Line of the Metro train.

sign stating "the metro green line. connecting you through Dubai."

We got off briefly at the Salah Al Din station.

underground metro station

Not sure why the predominant color in a Green Line station would be red.

globe sculpture

This sculpture was interesting. It is a globe and coins of the countries are strategically placed.

entrance to the underground station

The Salah Al Din station is right below our old apartment. I used to dream of the day when I would be able to just walk down and catch a train to work, but that didn’t exactly work out.

alley way with large temporary pipes

Our old alley we walked through many a time still looks like crap. I had hoped that with the arrival of the metro station they would clean up and pave this alley. A lot of foot traffic happens here.

train platform

The platform where one boards the train. The glass doors provide safety against accidental or intentional collisions.

inside of the train

Here’s the inside, in case you were curious. Mostly standing room. If you get on at the end of the line, you can count on a seat, but they fill up quickly.

light fixtures that look like giant jelly fish

The Khalid Bin Al Waleed station has some striking light fixtures and some interesting historical photographs.

large black and white photograph wall panels

Those were the days…

black and white photo of men sitting a a beach and a ship at sea


Speed Bump Ahead

February 12, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

There is a new GIGANTIC speed bump on our street. It appears to accommodate some very large pipes that start here.

pump machinery

And go along here, entering the speed bump…

large black pipes entering side of the speed bump made of bricks

The speed bump, itself…

large speed bump made of bricks and cement

At the other side the pipes continue…

pipes going down an alley covered in part by wooden boxes

Then end in this curly Q…

large black pipes that circle & attach to each other

Notice that the ends of the two pipes seem to be attached to each other in one big, pointless loop. We are assuming that is only temporary and that they will be eventually attached to something else. Also, even though the speed bump is made of cement and bricks, we expect it to be temporary, too. It is the Dubai way.

caution sign with a zig zag arrow

If this sign were to truly symbolize Dubai it would have to look more like a crazy straw than just a zig zag.


Dubai Metro Progress

December 4, 2010

Posted by Kanga.

We are finally seeing some progress above ground on the metro construction out our window. Compare to how it looked back in September 2008.

Salahuddin Road under construction

The traffic flow isn’t quite normal, yet. However, the main flow is not diverted around the back of our building, so it is much easier to exit our parking garage due to less traffic on that street. It is also easier to tell taxis where to drop us off and there is a safe area for them to pull over and let us out. Much improved.


Metro Construction Update

January 9, 2010

construction of Salahuddin Station of Dubai MetroThe construction of the Metro stop in front of our apartment building is progressing. They are now putting up the frame for the entrance. Originally, this line (the Green line) was scheduled to open in March of 2010. That was pushed forward to June of 2010 and now has been pushed forward again until October 2010 or even later. Salahuddin Station north entrance constructionNorth entrance right below our balcony.Salahuddin Station constructionConstruction to the left. I am curious about what the oval structures are. Salahuddin Station south entrance constructionThe south entrance directly across the street from us.Salahuddin Station constructionThe view to the right – again more oval structures.
To see all of the metro pictures we’ve posted over the last year and a half, click here.



September 13, 2009

The Red Line of the Dubai Metro opened this last week on 09/09/09. It is not the line that passes in front of our apartment. That line isn’t scheduled to open until March 2010. However, the central station where the two lines intersect is within walking distance of our apartment, so we will take a ride soon and let you know how it is. We were going to do it this last weekend, but everyone else had the same idea (over 110,000 riders in two days) and we had a lot of mundane things like house cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping to do, so our ride has been delayed.



August 10, 2009

One year ago today we arrived in Dubai. I don’t have anything profound to say and we don’t have any special celebration plans. I think we’ve been celebrating this for a year now on a daily basis.

How about a Metro construction comparison? This is last year:Metro4And this is the current view:Metro8-09
Metro8-09aThe gaping holes are gone. The metro line is scheduled to open in March 2010. I don’t know if the street will be repaved and opened before or after that. The construction noise is minimal now. Apparently, the majority of the activity is underground now.