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Jumeirah Beach Residence Sights

April 24, 2009

jbrtouristsThis probably seems like an innocuous picture to you. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, if you live in a Muslim country and are aware of local customs and standards, you would know that there is too much skin showing in this picture. These tourists are apparently unaware of where they are vacationing. Yes, Dubai is very liberal, especially in areas predominately populated by tourists, but I still find scenes like this odd.

jbrfountainThe wind was gusting so hard that it was blowing most of the water out of this fountain.

jbrhotelThis “old” hotel is being torn down. No wrecking ball, just a large jackhammer slowly nibbling away at it. Keep in mind that this country was formed in 1971, so old is not necessarily old here. This hotel was probably the best at one time, but it is sitting on prime beach property and is behind the times, so down it comes. Everything is made of cement here, so this is a tangle of rebar and cement chunks. I don’t know if they don’t know about explosive demolition or if there is some reason not to do it that way.


Another high pressure, stressful day in Dubai ;-)

January 22, 2009

It began with a Shuffle-gazine business lunch at a Mexican restaurant (Americanized Mexican food – rare here). Yummy!
The restaurant was located along the beach.
The red arrow above points to the Atlantis Hotel which opened a few months ago with the enormous fireworks display and was apparently all over the US news considering how many of you asked about it.
Here is the view looking away from the beach.

There is an inlet that serves as a marina.
Here is Paul working — slaving away — at, yes, Starbucks. [a contrite hanging down of the head] They have a free wireless hot spot, so what can we say?

Then it was off to the Madinat Jumeirah. [See previous post from September 9, 2008 for first mention of this place] We had dinner amidst all the tourists.
Here’s Paul in his new black shirt enjoying a nice meal outside. We try to sit outside whenever possible now to appreciate it while we can. Some places actually have heat on inside which is really unpleasant and doesn’t make sense because they air condition to a much lower temperature in the summer.


Living the Travel Channel – Jumeirah

September 9, 2008

First let me apologize for posting so many posts in one day. It is difficult for me to get time to post things as my work schedule is hectic and I feel guilty taking time to do personal things. However, today I am putting an extra long day because I can’t leave until my ride leaves, so I am taking advantage of it.

These pictures are of the Madinat Jumeirah Resort area taken on August 27th. Our “convocation” ceremonies were held here in the conference center. It was quite a “to do” complete with a multimedia/laser/pyrotechnics show. There really were fireworks, I kid you not.
The resort has a conference center, a hotel, several restaurants, and a souk (shopping area) all around these canals.
Around town are camels and Arabian horses like this one similar to the painted cow art project that started in Chicago. This camel had the continents and oceans on the other side.

You might notice that some of these pictures have a hazy look around the edges, as if I were photographing Barbara Stanwick, but it is only because it was so humid (and I mean SO HUMID) that the lense was fogged up. It is interesting to live in a place where the condensation is on the outside of the windows not the inside. Sign of a bad day = water dripping from the airconditioning vents and condensation on the outside of the windows.

It is a very beautiful place and I look forward to going back on a more hospitable weather day.