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The Oldest Pair of Cats

January 10, 2014

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Increased acquisition of jewelry over recent years (my addiction to the Yemeni pavilion at Global Village) resulted in a need for better storage. I needed to be able to see the range of what was available instead of relying on my memory which is getting older all the time. I also needed a full length mirror, since the first chance to see myself full length each morning was in the elevator. By then, it’s too late to make changes.

a free standing full length mirror with a  jewelry storage area inside

I killed two birds with one stone in buying this free standing mirror, jewelry armoire combo. Previously, storage consisted of three wooden boxes and various small boxes. It was difficult to see what was available and choose what would best match my attire. That problem is now solved, but I could still use more space for a few of my mother’s pieces and future acquisitions.

Going through those boxes to select what to display resulted in reacquainting myself with old treasures. The cat pins pictured below are the oldest pieces I own. My Aunt Louella gave them to me over forty years ago. I have worn them many times and I am surprised that they still have all their stones. I wish I could show her that I still have and cherish them, but she’s been gone for many years. She is one of those people I didn’t really appreciate until almost too late. I have my little kitties to remind me and they will be out and about sometime soon. I think maybe with my new blue polka dot dress. We’ll see.

two blue cat brooches with rhinestone eyes


Furniture a la Purple

December 29, 2013

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deep purple living room furniture

Furniture shopping never ceases to be entertaining in the UAE.

dark purple lounge chair and bedroom furniture

If I were single, everything could be purple.

strange purple chairs

I particularly like the candelabra/chandelier motif in this set.

an ornate bed with two candlabras and two pictures of a chandelier

Also of note is that both Pan Emirates Furniture and Home Centre have adopted the IKEA style of signage and naming of the furniture.


Long Overdue Cookstove

January 28, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

new gas cookstove

Hello new cookstove!

two burner counter top stove

Good bye, old burners!

white cat peeking into the oven

It passes the required cat inspection.

white cat inspecting the gas canister

It only took us a year and a half to get around to this purchase.


Furniture Addiction

October 7, 2011

posted by Kanga.

After our furniture buying spree in August which resulted in closets and bookcases, one would think that the apartment is full and we should stop. However, we ventured out to buy two recliners. Here’s a few things we didn’t buy.

bed shaped like an army jeep

DaddyBird was impressed by this set. It’s a boy-thing. The closet doors are apparently gas pumps. A fully equipped military installation.

mod shaped chairs in tiger print

Tiger chairs! How Austin Powers is that?

ornate bed

And we got to see this bed in the flesh, so to speak.

ornate furniture

We bought none of the above. Two boring brown recliners will arrive on Saturday. When they asked us where to deliver the chairs, it was kinda fun to go to the window and point to our building. It is rarely that easy.


Supporting Artisans

September 9, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Meet our new kitchen table.

beechwood table with drop leaf sides

The table itself is not important. It’s just an Ikea table with drop leaf sides and a few drawers. The cats were disappointed to find the drawers too small for them to get into. No, the important thing here and the reason for this post is the table runner.

close up of magenta/green/white/black woven table runner

This was made by an Emirati woman as part of the Sougha program of the Khalifa Fund. Emirati women who are skilled in the traditional weaving craft used in creating bedouin tents have been encouraged to develop smaller products and keep the weaving tradition alive and well.

blue/green/white striped carry bag

My first purchase was a carry bag just the right size for my iPad. We’ve made our purchases at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair the last two years. They sell at other events and festivals, so keep your eyes peeled for Sougha products.

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December 19, 2009

cabinet painted with ponies on itPrior to the cats coming to live with us, we kept our clean towels on open rack shelving. As you can imagine, our clean towels were not so clean once kittens came to stay, especially since we had to shut them in the bathrooms until they got used to each other. So, we now have a lovely painted cabinet to keep our towels out of the reach of cats.
close up of pony painted on cabinet


American Ingenuity

September 22, 2009

Pet stores are fairly rare here and not necessarily fully stocked. We went to one of the “best” and they had three brands of cat food to choose from – the cheap brand we were already using (and which seems to be giving the cats digestive trouble) or two really expensive brands. The only litter scoop they had came with a litter box. There were no separately available tools. AND they were all out of litter. They had a few cat trees, but they were short and one was covered in powder blue shag carpet – way too foofoo for two male cats. They were also not particularly sturdy.

We have very high ceilings and Bert, especially, wants to be as high as he can get. He climbed on top of the dining room chair and stared longingly at the ceiling the other day. Plus, there are plenty of interesting things for them to see out the window, if they can just get high enough to see over the balcony railing.

To order a nice, big cat tree via the internet and have it shipped here is prohibitive. Finding a carpenter who could build us one would be time consuming and possibly impossible.

So, while at Ace “Hardware” (I use quotes because they have very little hardware) we found tall metal shelving for a fairly reasonable price and I had an epiphany, alright, it was just an idea, but a really, really good one.

We bought two sets of shelving.shelves I cut up the box to make the wire shelving easier to walk on for cats.shelf I was very frugal, this is what is left of the boxes the shelves came in. BoxesI cut up cheap fleece blankets to cover each shelf. These can be removed, laundered and replaced (unlike carpet covered cat trees.)covered I added dangling toys. Daddybird gave me a hard time for putting the Star of David on a tree for Arab cats.starAgain, I was being frugal. The stars were attached to some felt place mats I bought for another project.

We will connect the two shelf towers with heavy duty plastic ties. I have to run to the store to get them, so not quite complete, yet.

And Voila! The best cat tree in town.cattreeYou know what they say – You can tell how crazy a person is by the size of their cat tree.