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One last look at KL

February 23, 2010

Just a few more pictures from the trip to Kuala Lumpur. There were motorcycles everywhere. We see them in Dubai, but mostly as delivery vehicles. In KL, they were clearly a personal vehicle of choice.

row of parked motorcycles

row of parked motocycles

row of parked motorcycles

motorcycles in the streetAt intersections, the motorcycles collect at the front of the lanes and when the light turns green there is a roar as the crowd of motorcycles are the first to take off.

row of parked motorcycles


KL Flora pt2

February 10, 2010

pink bloom


closeup of tree trunk

lavendar blooms on a vine

closeup of lavendar bloom

white bloom with multiple petals and a yellow star shaped center

small white bloom

yellow iris-like bloom


KL Signs Two

February 2, 2010

purse snatching warning signSo, some ask if it was safe in KL. There are warnings about purse snatchers and pickpockets, but we did not see or experience any theft. DaddyBird walked through the neighborhood late at night and felt safe. pick pocket warning signI was concentrating on taking this picture and DaddyBird was wondering where I had wondered off to. I didn’t see him in the photo until later.
Air Asia advertisement about DubaiApparently, Dubai is everywhere and you can’t escape it. This is an AirAsia advertisement in the central train station.
McDonalds advertisement for the double prosperity burgerWe were tempted to break our “no McDonalds” rule and have the double prosperity burger, but we ran out of time and were eating a lot of other food, as you have seen previously.
burger advertisement indicating it is 90% pure meatThis is the banner ad for the messy burger (in Day 3 post). Notice that it is 90% pure meat. Not sure what the other 10% might be and I’m not asking.
restaurant sign with Mickey Mouse on itHere we have an unauthorized use of Mickey. I’m not sure why he has green gloves on, but it is probably best not to think too hard about it.
bathroom sign asking people not to squat on top of the toilet seatNow, we get to a cultural difference item. There were normal public toilets with the bowl, tank, seat, etc., and there were squat toilets, basically a small basin in the floor that flushes over which one squats. The public toilets on the street were kind enough to have both and signage so you would know what you were getting. However, apparently some who are used to squatting attempt to do this with standard toilets — hence the need for this warning sign. (And, yes, this particular toilet had footprints on the seat.)sign on stairs in airport stating "no entry for authorized personnel only"Our last sign was in the airport. I think there was supposed to be a comma or break in there somewhere. Ah, the importance of punctuation!


KL Signs

February 1, 2010

restaurant sign with emblem of a chefLet’s start with obligatory restaurant chef image. This one is giving a big thumbs up, which is fine if that is a good thing in your culture.
Nafertetty store signNext, we have a version of Nefertiti. In Dubai, we’ve seen many spelling variations of this, too. Considering that Eqyptians of that period wrote in pictures/hieroglyphs, spelling is all arbitrary anyway.
Mr. Paint Man signHe’s not just Mr. Paint, he’s Mr. Paint Man!
Hypershoe shoe storeWhen you don’t want just any ol’ shoe, you want a hypershoe.
Fun N Cheer restaurantEat at the Fun N Cheer restaurant. Always a good time!
Seven eleven store and K K super martThere were 7Elevens everywhere. In Dubai, our running joke is “look! a mosque!” In KL, it was “hey, a 7Eleven!” We are also glad that the K K Super Mart, stopped at just two K’s.
Reject Shop signReject Shop, that’s appealing, isn’t it?

With that I will take a break. More pictures of signs to come.


KL Day Six

January 27, 2010

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur we had to check out of the hotel by 10 am, but our flight was not until 7:30 pm, so we put our bags in storage and had some more fun. We still had 37% of the money we budgeted for the trip, so I went shopping! It was nearly impossible to find clothes our size, so we went into Gulati’s Silk House and bought 35 meters of various material (cotton, linen, satin, chiffon). I have my year’s worth of sewing cut out for me.
Then we took the train to the Central Market area. There was some amazing graffiti along the river. graffiti along the river in Kuala Lumpur
In the China Town area we came upon Petaling Street.
Kuala Lumpur China Town area, Petaling Street
It is lined with stalls selling cheap handbags, sun glasses, and illegal DVDs. We did not buy any of the above.
booths lining the street selling cheap handbags and sunglasses
We met up with Adrianna and Andrew for beef noodles.
bowl of beef, rice noodles and egg noodles
We each had a bowl of beef with rice noodles and egg noodles and a bowl of soup for a whopping 8RM each. (approx. $3.00)
bowl of broth and several types of beef meatIt was very tasty. I really like Cantonese cooking, because it is very savory without being spicy. Very yummy!

By this time it was afternoon and we needed to head to the train station to retrieve our luggage and get on the express train to the airport.


Food Debauchery

January 26, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Day Five, Part Two

The rain began while we were at the bird park, so our plans to also go to the butterfly park were rained out, literally. As you can imagine the butterflies head for cover, so there is no point in looking.

We took a taxi to the shopping center connected with the Petronas Towers to have a late lunch (around 4 pm) at a restaurant Adrianna recommended – Madam Kwans.

It began with Prosperity Salad (judging by the price, it’s the restaurant who prospers). It was tasty, but also fun. The plate was brought to the table with all the ingredients neatly in separate piles. The waitress then added the spices – pepper and cinnamon, and the sauce. We then joined in with our chop sticks and helped her mix it up.

prosperity salad
plate containing rice, curry chicken, spicy anchovies, cucumbers, a hard boiled egg and spicy picklesPaul had nasi lemak. This is considered the national dish. It started as a breakfast meal, but is now eaten any time of the day. The ingredients may vary at times, but is usually rice (steamed in coconut milk), curry chicken, spicy sardines [correction: anchovies – I knew it was little fish], cucumbers and a hard boiled egg.
dish containing broccoli, mushrooms and garlicI had some nice, unspicy broccoli & mushrooms (with a considerable number of garlic cloves).
We spent some time in the mall looking in vain for some things we wanted. We then took a train out to the suburbs, so to speak, to meet Adrianna and friends for dinner. (Only four hours after our late lunch.) The first stop was to purchase some bak kwa, which is a thin layer of pork (or chicken) in a sweet sauce.

thin layers of dried porkNext, we had a couple of drinks. The bottom layer is palm syrup (I think). Next up is a layer of various and sundry things like corn, gelatin, peanuts. I’m not really certain what all was in there. The top layer was shaved ice and fruit. My drink was coffee or carmel flavored (I’m getting old and forgetful). I don’t know what the name of this is, but will call it the Kitchen Sink Drink. It was cool and refreshing and tasted better than it probably with several layers of ingredients

open air restaurant areaThis is the place where we got the Kitchen Sink Drink. I’m not sure what to call it. It is a large area with a floor and roof, but no walls. Down each side are small kitchen areas and in the center is a common seating area. It seems to be the step in between street fair booth and stand alone restaurant.

four Cantonese dishes, soup, spinach, chicken, green beansNext was a full blown dinner at a Cantonese restaurant.
catfish dish
egg flower, chicken, squid, noodle dishSix people ate (with plenty left over) for 120RM ($35.50 approx.).
six dinner companionsHere we are with our lovely food guides – Adrianna, Liy, Mai, and Laine.

It’s not over, yet. We went to another place to have more. This is another layered drink, all liquid this time. The bottom layer is palm syrup, then milk, then tea. Mix it up and it looks like the one in the background. Very tasty.layered drinkWe were thoroughly stuffed by this time and it was getting late, so we called it a day.


Peacock Mating Dance

January 25, 2010

Clearly, it was peacock mating season because every peacock in the place was strutting his stuff. This one puts on quite a show, but the hen seems unmoved.