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A Drive Along the Border

September 4, 2011

mountain in background, green trees in foreground

This picture was taken near Ohala (Wahala). I’ve lived in very rainy, verdant places and in semi-arid desert areas. I find that there is a beauty to every variation of nature. Even this dry, rocky terrain is beautiful.

Our circuitous route on our Monday drive took us near the Oman border.

mountain and stone quarry in distance

We had a debate about this fence as to whether it is the Oman border or not. DaddyBird argues that is it for something else, a restricted area of some kind. The map supports his position.

border fence

In the 21st century, this is what checking the map looks like.

hand holding a smart phone

Well, that is the last post resulting from our one afternoon road trip last Monday. Hope you enjoyed it.


Exploring Fujairah: Part 3

September 2, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

This episode is about Wadi Al Helo, which is actually part of the Sharjah emirate, not Fujairah, but was part of our road trip. (Alternate spellings include Hilo, Helou, Halou)

We’ve driven through Wadi Al Helo several times, because it is on the Sharjah-Kalba road, but this time we actually got off the road to take a closer look.

distant view of an artificial plateau topped with white houses

Wadi Al Helo has a long history of habitation back to the early bronze age and is an archaeological site. In recent years, there has been some major work done as evidenced by at least three hillsides that have been carved out to form terraces where modern houses have been built.

white houses on a plateau

We drove up onto one of these terraces and found exactly what we expected, a pleasant neighborhood with a mosque.

white houses up close

There are several government buildings in Wadi Al Helo, but we did not see any retail businesses. There must be at least one grocery, but we did not come across it.

valley containing date palm trees

Below the terraces, in the valley, are farms and palm groves.

valley containing animal pens


Goats and Donkeys and Bears, Oh My!

September 1, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Okay, there are no bears, but there are plenty of goats and donkeys just roaming around, nibbling on whatever they can find.

three goats at side of the road

a tan donkey standing at the side of the road

Donkeys come in a range of colors from light tan to black. They usually travel in pairs.

black donkey standing in the shade of a bush

And sheep, too! In the background is the Ohala Fort/Castle. (Alternate spelling Wahla or Wahala) This is close to the Oman border.

sheep with the Ohala Castle in the background

It is amazing that they find anything to eat in this harsh environment, but they do.


Oregon Sights

July 20, 2009

Oregon1Somewhere on Oregon State Route 26. It’s nice to see evergreen trees again.

MtHoodMt. Hood

DeschutesSomewhere in Deschutes County, south of Bend, Oregon

GeeseGeese above and pelicans below, both in Klamath Falls, Oregon




March 2, 2009

Fujairah has several roundabouts with large public art. Above, the large coffee pot and cups, below a hand holding a perfume bottle (?).

Along the beach were some rather Flintstone style trees and matching trash cans.

This is Paul and our new friend Zeyah standing on the beach. Below you can see that the water was so still and the sky so hazy that it is nearly impossible to see where the horizon is.
I fully intended to dip my toes in the Gulf of Oman, but the overwhelming bad fish smell put me off. The sand here was actual sand, not broken shells. It was very dark sand and it made the water dark, too, which made it even more uninviting.


Bull Butting Bust

February 28, 2009

We drove all the way to Fujairah yesterday in hopes of watching the traditional bull butting. We did find the “arena” and there were other hopefuls there waiting to see a contest or two, but none materialized. Someone said that someone important had died that morning which would mean that the contests were canceled due to mourning. Nothing in the Gulf News this morning, so it wasn’t a government official.
Notice how this guy drove up onto the berm so he could watch from the comfort of his vehicle. Below, more of the hopefuls waiting for some action.

Anyway, we had a blast on the drive, the dinner, and the drive home. We had the company of two new friends and lots of interesting sites and experiences. I will post each separately.

Oops, you are probably saying “What IS bull butting?” It is a contest between trained bulls who butt heads and the winner is the one who pushes the other out of the “ring.” It is a mostly bloodless sport. No bull is killed. No matadors. Think of it as bulls wrestling.

We intend to go back, so if and when we do, we’ll have video so you can experience it vicariously for yourself.


Road Trip #1 – Hamriyah Beach

October 10, 2008

So, Paul already spilled the beans about our discovery of Hamriyah Beach, but here are my pictures. They don’t do the place justice. The water was an overwhelming color. Really amazing.

There were scads of beautiful shells on the beach. I picked up a couple just because I couldn’t resist.
This is the road along the beach.
This is the mosque by the beach.