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Déjà Vu

July 15, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

Remember this in Singapore?

three towers with a structure across the top connecting them

This is in Abu Dhabi –

three towers under construction with a connecting structure across the top

Gate Towers at Shams Abu Dhabi on Reem Island


The Road Home

July 10, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

silver tear drops

Singapore Airport has the best piece of public art. It is hundreds of silver tear drops, each suspended on a transparent thread and animated to move up and down in a variety of patterns. Very zen.

silver tear drops

It was mesmerizing. We could have easily missed our plane while watching it.

silver tear drops

Luckily, we tore ourselves away and made it back to Dubai safe and sound. Our plan for getting back to Fujairah from Dubai was a reverse of how we got there (taxi – bus – taxi). We fully expected to have a long wait in the heat waiting for the bus, however, we could not have timed it better if we tried. We arrived at the bus stop at 2:40 pm. A bus was waiting and it departed at 2:45 with us on it.

view of the front of the bus from inside


Singapore: Days Twelve & Thirteen

July 7, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

With only two days to go and a long list of things we hadn’t done, I had to beg off for a bit of a rest, so most of day 12 was spent with my feet up. Then, it was time for dinner.

plate of salmon, tuna, and octopus sashimi

Our friend, Adrianna, guided us on our evening repast adventure. First we stopped for a snack of sashimi. Our final destination was a small Japanese restaurant (Restaurant Chako) in which it is best to call/email ahead to get your order in, because everything is prepared fresh, even the sauces. Therefore, dinner can take a few hours to complete. (We all forgot to take pictures of the appetizers – oops! We had edamame [soy beans], shishamo [small grilled fish], and maguro yamakake [raw tuna with yam sauce])

soup containing mushroom, shrimp, oyster, calamari, tofu, and more

DaddyBird’s dinner was yosenabe (claypot soup with seafood, chicken, mushroom, and tofu).

eel, scrambled egg, rice

Adrianna’s dinner was unatamaju (broiled eel on scrambled egg and rice).

mackerel, breaded chicken, breaded cuttlefish, rice, salad

I had the Chako set meal (mackerel, breaded chicken, breaded cuttlefish, rice, cabbage salad, potato salad, miso soup, etc.).

tempura shrimp and vegetables

We added tempura moriawase (shrimp and vegetables). It was all very delicious. Everything was prepared fresh and it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

sliced fruit and a round gelatin dessert

We capped it all off with several desserts. Above is coffee flavored gelatin, below is green tea ice cream. Not pictured – cappuccino ice cream and black sesame ice cream. The black sesame ice cream was really interesting – almost more savory than sweet.

sliced fruit  and green ice cream

Our plan for the last day was to go to the bird park, but when we woke up it was raining heavily, so change of plans. The Asian Civilizations Museum was within walking distance of our hotel and offered an escape from the rain.

walkway bordered by trees on the right and an ivy covered wall on the left

The rain had let up briefly, so it was a pleasant walk down the riverside.

carved dragon head

We joined a tour that was starting when we arrived. The subject was the influence and use of Chinese art and style in other cultures.

white and blue porcelain elephant with metal additions turning it into a Turkish hookah base

This elephant is Chinese porcelain that was then modified in Turkey with the addition of the metal parts changing it into a hookah base (shisha pipe).

calligraphy artwork in the shape of a lioness

The museum presents all cultures and religions of Asia.

white bowl with blue decoration and Arabic calligraphy

This bowl was made in Iraq attempting to emulate Chinese porcelain, but instead creating a unique and beautiful piece with a style of it’s own.

We left with a long list of places we didn’t go and things we didn’t do, but we enjoyed Singapore very much and will probably go back again.


Singapore: Day Eleven

July 4, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

display case showing pork buns

The day began with a metro train trip to Chinatown and pork buns.

two pork buns partially eaten

These were not just steamed, but also seared for a crusty outside. Tasty!

pigeons eating rice from an abandoned plate

These pigeons had found the motherlode in the food court and were eating as fast as they could.

people lined up at a food booth

DaddyBird chose his lunch based on the length of the line at this food booth without knowing exactly what he was going to get.

soup with fish balls and tofu

This is what he ended up with -soup with fish balls and tofu.

soup with noodles and greens

I got a similar soup with greens and noodles from a different food stall.

three towers with a structure across the top connecting them

Our tourist activity of the day was to go to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Towers to the Skypark observation deck.

man taking a picture of the sunset

We purposely got there just before sunset so we could see it in daylight and night time.

view of the road below from the observation deck

The view straight down (Kris this one’s for you.)

tourists sitting on the observation deck

This is what people think of the “Do Not Sit on the Deck” signs. Let me rant a bit here about how stupid it is to create a tourist attraction without places to sit down. It is really rude, in my opinion. Tourists are on their feet all day and deserve a place to rest, especially if you want them to stick around (and spend money).

Singapore Flyer ferris wheel lighted at night

The Singapore Flyer lit up at night.

skyscrapers across the bay lit up after dark

The view across the bay.

restaurant menu

Dinner included burgers.

burger with a lot of fixings cut in half

They claim to be healthy, but the only clarification in the menu or signage was that they are not prepared ahead and kept under a heat lamp. No claims of organic or low fat ingredients. No whole grain buns. So, there is room to improve the “healthy” factor. (Correction: DaddyBird says that whole grain buns were an option listed in the menu.)

burger with lots of fixings cut in half

It looks more like a Dagwood sandwich than a burger. The patty was savory, which seems to be hard to come by in my burger experiences.

chili, cheese, fries

The chili cheese fries also beg the “healthy” factor. They tasted good, but the chili was not hot enough to melt the cheese.


Singapore: Day 10

July 3, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

tourist site seeing bus

We opted for an uncharacteristically touristy activity – riding the site seeing bus. Let’s face it, we’re getting old and walking everywhere in humid heat is a bit exhausting. This way, we got to sit in air conditioning, see the sights, and learn some details from the canned tour commentary that we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

colorfully painted two story buildings

We started on the Heritage route which took us through Little India, Chinatown, and other older parts of the city.

colorfully painted high rise apartment buildings

There is a lot of high density housing here. At least they try to make it attractive.

food stalls selling various foods

We hopped off at Suntec City Mall for lunch.

a large omelette and plate of rice, duck and pork

DaddyBird had the “white carrot cake” which is a big, spicy omelette with white radish and shrimp in it. I had char siew and roast duck.

cup of bright green juice

In the absence of lime juice, I tried the delicious celery juice.

bright yellow boat

Our ticket also included rides on water taxis, so we took another ride on the river on one of these.

three story shopping mall

We got off at the Marina Bay Sands complex. The complex includes hotel, shopping mall, conference center, casino, and probably more.

indoor canal with gondola boats

There is even a canal with boat rides.

lily pond water feature in front of the museum building

We were headed to the Art and Science Museum for the Harry Potter Exhibition. No photography was allowed, so you will have to imagine what we saw. I stood three feet from Snape’s costume, unfortunately Alan Rickman was not in it. It was a well designed exhibit, although it was aimed at a younger demographic than DaddyBird and I. The Sorting Hat sorted us – I am Ravenclaw and DaddyBird is Griffyndor.

potato skins appetizer with cheese, bacon bits, and dip

By the time we finished the sun was down and we were exhausted from a long day of tourism, so it was off to Brewerkz again for dinner. Above is potato skins appetizer with cheese, bacon bits and dip.

burger and onion rings

DaddyBird opted for the Cowboy Burger – bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce. I had the Bangers and Mash. I am certain that the sausages were good, but they were overshadowed by the cheesy mash potatoes and sauerkraut. I very nearly asked for additional sauerkraut. Yummy!

mash potatoes, two sausages, sauerkraut

Below is the sign that is posted in the area where the brewery vats are visible. We found it amusing.

warning sign showing one figure aiming a gun at another figure running away

I think they mean business.


Singapore: Day Nine

July 2, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

pork rib soup, pork stomach soup, rice, greens, peanuts

The day began late with a late lunch at Songfa Bak Kut Teh, our new favorite restaurant which just happens to be about two blocks from our hotel. DaddyBird opted for the pork stomach soup and I had the pork ribs.

tea kettle, sink, tea pot and tiny cups

… and tea.

view from inside the boat

We took a short Singapore river cruise. It was cooler on the water.

Clarke Quay seen from the river

Clarke Quay

Asian Civilization Museum

Asian Civilization Museum

Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands Towers

Marina Bay Sands Towers, Art and Science Museum

south bay skyscrapers

South bay skyscrapers

large tree on shore of the river


colorful old buildings on the shore of the river

Boat Quay – this used to be the area where cargo used to be loaded/off-loaded. Now it is restaurants.


Singapore: Days Seven & Eight

July 1, 2012

Posted by Kanga.

We moved to a different hotel and took it easy for a couple of days.


The Best Western: Jayleen 1918

rice, greens, fish soup, pork soup

We found the best, THE BEST, food, yet. I have to admit that I wimped out and didn’t order the pork stomach, pork intestines, pork kidney, pork liver, or pork trotters, but I now believe that they could make any of these taste amazing. Above is sliced fish soup, pork tenderloin soup, kai lan, cai xin, and rice. Fabulous!

escalators going multiple directions

The mall next door has an unusual arrangement and escalators going every which way, like an M.C. Eischer picture.

tree with ferns growing up the trunk

Beautiful trees.


The firehouse nearby.