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Dubai Tour 3

November 27, 2009

entrance to the Deira gold souk, DubaiWelcome to the Gold Souk. This is the old gold souk. There is a new gold souk across the Creek in Bur Dubai.
Kanz jewellry store near entrance of the Deira gold souk, DubaiJewelry of every kind is to be had, for a price.jewellry store window full of golden bracelets, Deira gold souk, DubaiGolden bracelets galore.
Deira gold souk, DubaiThe stores stretch for a significant distance. Next up – abra ride to Dubai Heritage Village.


Dubai Tour 2

November 27, 2009

Deira spice soukOnce we climbed down out of the bus, we crossed the street to the spice souk. As you can see, the students dressed all in black look very similar, so I made a point of noticing what the handbag of my assigned guide looked like, so I wouldn’t get lost.Deira spice soukThe seller was happy to show us his wares. The smell was heavenly. Wish I could capture that digitally for you.Deira spice souk
Deira textile store near the spice soukNot all the shops have spices. The wares vary. This is a textile shop with lovely fabric and clothes. From here we proceeded to the gold souk, so that will be in the next post.


Textile souk

June 3, 2009

First, consider this picture taken during the day back in September 2008. Then watch the video to see the same area on a Friday night.
Textile Souk


Random and miscellaneous stuff

October 10, 2008

This is one of the textile souks. The souk shops are small rooms, much like the stalls that they have evolved from. Amazingly, the textile shops have only fabric. We indicated we were looking for thread, and they looked at us like they had no idea what we were talking about.

This is a shot of the lawn on campus showing how close to the surface the tree roots are.
I don’t remember where this mosque was. Somewhere on road trip #1.
This is the building across the street. I took this picture because of the satellite dishes on the roof. They attach the dish to the roof then drape the cable over the side of the building and into the appropriate apartment. You can click on the picture to get a larger version to see what I mean.
M.B. asked what American franchises we have here. Here is a Burger King somewhere between Hamriyah beach and Um Al Qwain. There are also KFCs, Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds, Chilis, TGIFridays, Carls Jr, Baskin & Robins, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Cold Stone Creamery, to name a few. It’s way to westernized here!


Friday Adventure

September 14, 2008

This is the entrance to the Gold Souk. I didn’t take any pictures inside. We were too busy trying to get out to stop and take pictures. As we approached, a man came up alongside us. “Sir, excuse sir, watches? good watches? Rolex….” and he had a really long spiel about the wares in a particular shop. After he ran out of watch brands, he started in on “handbags, Louis Viton …” etc. Then when we approached his shop he tried to steer us into it. This scenario played out several times. I stopped to look in a showcase window only once to see the actual wares and the salesman came to the door and beckoned us in. Too aggressive for me. Not how I like to shop. The prices on the rings that we were looking at were way out of our range. Of course, haggling is expected and that is only a starting price, but it would have taken a lot of haggling to get it to what we could afford. We will have to be much richer before going back to the Gold Souk.

We think this may have been the Old Souk. It was not open. It may just be closed all of Friday (holy day) or it may have openned after sunset. We wandered into the Spice Souk, too. They were not open for business, but we could smell the wares. Yum.
Next we walked down the waterfront of Dubai Creek. The boats are tied up 4-5 deep along the edge.
Along the creekside there are piles of goods to be loaded on the boats and shipped to India or other areas in the Persian Gulf.
Notice the sophisticated way the goods are secured to the boat with wooden pallets and various poles. Pretty amazing.
Here’s a shot of Paul, the goods piled along the creekside and the buildings along the street. A bit of a contrast between the piles of tires, boxes, etc. and the high rise hotels with a creek view.
Some of the goods looked more like garbage.
Then we came to a section where there are small boats that take people on tours of the creek (bay/inlet). The hawkers were out trying to encourage us to take a ride. It was a mild evening, only 100F, but we will wait for this until the weather improves.
Above is one of the tour boats. Below is the second section of goods waiting to be loaded onto boats. It seemed to go on forever.
As we were walking along this section I noticed an entire motor and transmission among the goods to be loaded. Maybe this is where it came from? This stripped and abandoned car is a very unusual sight.

Here is one of the painted camels. Notice the falcon motif. The falcon is to the UAE as the eagle is to the USA. There is a little boy standing under the camel, not a fifth leg.
You can probably guess why the we liked this camel.
Here is a building with the lighted holiday greeting “Ramadan Kareem” which is something like It’s Ramadan, be generous! You see this a lot in shopping malls.

We had another adventure on Saturday, but that’s a tale for another day.