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Life is a Cabaret

October 19, 2014

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Saturday evening we attended a production of Cabaret at a charming little theatre called The Pearl by the East West Theatre company.


It was way past my bedtime, but I enjoyed it anyway.


Sunday, under amazing blue sky, we went to breakfast at our favorite American style breakfast restaurant, Bastiaan’s.


Then we traveled downtown to find a board games store. We were successful and bought a couple of games, because you can never have too many board games. (Asmodee at the Hongkong Metropolis No. 489 South Henan Road)


Lovely blue skies today. Some days it is smoggy, some days it is not. It all depends on the wind.


California: the Sojourn Begins

July 28, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

After a 15 hour non-stop flight, we are safely in California. After much sleeping to recuperate and adjust to the new time zone, We headed out to do a few errands.

Unfortunately, we didn’t think to exchange our currency before leaving the airport. In the UAE, changing currency is not a problem as there are currency exchanges on nearly every street and rates are reasonable. In the States, there are few currency exchanges outside the airport and if you go to a bank to exchange currency, they will expect you to have a bank account with them. We ended up going to the nearest airport and trying there. As non-passengers, we had access to only one exchange kiosk. The rate they offered was outrageous. For the equivalent of $700, they were offering us $500. We weren’t willing to lose $200 that way. So, off we went to find another option, a currency exchange kiosk in a shopping mall. This time we got $600, so had to take it even though that’s not a good rate either, but we were over a barrel, so to speak. Lesson learned, always exchange currency before leaving the UAE airport.

Next errand was to get USA phone sim cards which are necessary because there is no roaming service for Etisalat or Du here. This was easier than our currency experience.

By then we were very hungry and went in search of a neighborhood taqueria. We landed at El Papucho and had enormous burritos. It was a quaint family business, half restaurant and half grocery store.

By then our afternoon was shot and we headed home to pick up DaddyBird’s parents and head to the Los Gatos Shakespeare Festival performance of Hamlet, starring family members as Laertes and Ophelia. The performance was wonderful. Audience members were laughing and crying at all the right places.

For pictures, click here.


Make-up for Film

October 13, 2009

At the last minute, I got the chance to go along on a student field trip to the Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi. We went to a workshop on make-up for film done by artists who worked on Lord of the Rings and 30 Days of Night. Here’s a sample of how they turned an ordinary guy into a vampire in 1.5 hours.
Makeup1Above, they have prepped his face and hair and are about to glue on the forehead appliance.
Makeup2They added nose, lip and chin pieces.
Makeup3They painted him and also put nails and paint on his hands. One has stunt nails that are flexible (won’t put an eye out), the other has harder nails meant to look good in close ups.
Makeup4Here’s a close up. Notice he has blue eyes above. Below, his right eye has a contact lens that makes it look black. Left eye is still blue.
Makeup6In goes the second contact lens. They also put in dentures, but my pictures of that did not come out well. You will have to imagine.

During the whole process they talked about the work they do, the products they use, and working with actors and directors. It was good to hear them tell the students that they are constantly reading and doing research and draw a lot from the medical field. What? Life long learning?



July 31, 2009

God bless British public transportation! We were able to take a train and the underground from our hotel (out near Heathrow Airport) to the theatre in the heart of the city. It wasn’t necessarily cheap (29 pounds, approximately $47 for the two of us), but it was easy. Actually, cheap is a relative term, based on our previous taxi experience, it probably would have been around 80 pounds ($130) one way by taxi.
We walked through Trafalgar Square on the way to the theatre. I just love people who see that I am taking a picture and stare vacantly into the lens. GET OUT OF MY PICTURE!

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Here it is. The theatre where the magic happened. Taking pictures inside was forbidden, although I saw several others do it anyway. I behaved myself, so this picture will have to serve.

Theatre Royal, Haymarket, Waiting on Godot, July 2009

Theatre Royal, Haymarket, Waiting on Godot, July 2009

The play was marvelous. We both had trouble staying awake due to sleep deprivation and the stuffiness of the theatre. McKellen and Stewart were charming, funny and as excellent as one would expect. I was very sad when it came to an end. It was a once in a lifetime experience.