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September 25, 2016

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Witnessed this morning, Shanghai, China –

A little girl entered the restaurant, looked around, said “Momma!” and immediately began to cry and call out “Momma! Momma!” when she didn’t see Momma. The waitress tried to help her, but this just increased the volume of the crying. Daddy enters to save the day. He calms his daughter and picks her up. THEN he says, “would you like me to show you how to find Momma?” He takes her to the part of the restaurant where Momma and little brother are. It doesn’t end there, though. He carries his daughter back to the restaurant entrance pointing out things to her along the way. He takes her out the door. Then they re-enter and walk the path to Momma again. I am so impressed at the skills he is teaching her instead of just pacifying her and satisfying her need for Momma.

Travel back with me to 2014 on the beach of Fujairah, U.A.E. –

There is (was) a park along the beach in Fujairah where families go in the evening. I would say “to get away from the heat,” but there is no such thing as getting away from the heat. We were sitting in the park enjoying a cup of tea. There was a young family nearby. Father, mother and four young children. The mother spoke to her young daughter who did not immediately respond. The mother reached over, grabbed a handful of her daughter’s hair and pulled her close. I had to take a deep breath to keep my head from exploding. I wish I could have interceded for this little girl, but when you are in a country where a disagreement with a citizen can end in jail and deportation, it just is not an option. I did, however, think about my students. Maybe this was why they were so uncooperative and noncompliant. They might be used to being forced to comply instead of being taught to respect their parents or elders.

Big conclusions cannot be drawn from these two stories. It is not fair to paint entire cultures by two individual observations. But this morning I could say, “wow, what a good idea,” and two years ago I thought “wow, what bad family dynamics.”

I do not have a relevant picture to go with this, so here is a totally irrelevant one. The internet needs more cat pictures.

cat bathing in Chinese garden






2012 in Retrospective

August 2, 2014

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2012 was a year of exploring the UAE, especially our new home Fujairah.

close up of a camel - head, neck and hump

Early 2013 involved a day trip to Ras Al Khaimah to visit the Pearl Museum. Original post here.

We enjoyed the Sharjah Light Festival. The fire display at the Blue Souk park was amazing. That is a tough act to follow.

Other activities on our list were the Bithnah Fort, the Bidyah Mosque, Sharjah Archaeology Museum, Arabian Wildlife Centre, Dubai Museum and Creek, Emirates Airlines International Festival of Literature, and Al Ain Jahli Fort.

Our summer trip was to Singapore. The sights and food were wonderful.

Near the end of the year, life took an unexpected turn when my mother died. I traveled home for the memorial service and time with my family.

I got my fair share of jet lag, because we traveled in December for Christmas with DaddyBird’s family.


2011 in Retrospective

July 30, 2014

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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey

2011 began with a two week trip to Istanbul, Turkey. This was one of our most enjoyable and amazing vacations.

cultural preservation area

Later in the Spring, we visited Abu Dhabi for a day and went to the heritage center.

two actors and camera operating director

DaddyBird had a supporting role in an independent film. Unfortunately, we’ve never seen the end product. I will be eternally curious.

father and daughter

June brought the high school graduation of BabyBird and a trip to North Carolina to celebrate this milestone with her.

two high piles of cardboard boxes with cats on top

There was no summer trip to exotic places due to a job change that required a move to another town. This was a ridiculously stressful situation and we survived it only through the kindness and help of good friends.

library books

My new job began with cataloging every book in the library. It took a year to finish because I also had to prepare and facilitate weekly activities for students.

historic Arab fort

We took a day trip up Wadi Hayl to the Hayl fort. This is where the Fujairah ruling family lived dating back to 1830 CE.

inside of a public transport train

We rode the new metro Green Line.

Arab man riding a horse carrying the nation's flag

A celebration of local history and culture was held at the beach park.

flooded city street

It was a rainy winter.

restored old Arab fort

We explored Bithnah Fort from the outside.

people sitting on a carpeted floor

We got the opportunity to share Fujairah with visiting authors who were attending the Sharjah International Book Fair. We introduced them to mandi (meat and rice meal), Fujairah Fort, and the bull butting competition.

restored old Arab fort

It was the 40th anniversary of the formation of the United Arab Emirates, so there were more celebrations extending through the whole month.

tailor measuring a customer

DaddyBird was fitted for new kandoorahs.

man in Arab garb

Now he can fit right in.

Arab man balancing a sword

The celebrations included a month long sword competition.

city square in old town Athens, the Parthenon in the distance

Christmas was spent in Athens, Greece. For me it was a “bucket list” sort of trip.

Greek ruins on side of mountain

We took a day trip to Delphi, which I highly recommend.


And we were back in Dubai in time for our traditional fish at Bu Qtair restaurant followed by Burj Al Arab fireworks.


Filipino Dining

June 28, 2014

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lumpia rolls and beef caldereta

Having seen a picture of lumpia on a friends Facebook page, I developed a craving. We visited Salu Salo, one of our favorite Fujairah restaurants. We also had beef caldereta and bicol express. So yummy.

bowl of beef and coconut milk stew

And shrimp dumplings

plate of shrimp dumplings

Our other favorite Filipino restaurant recently was closed for remodeling and the sign said it would reopen under new management. We weren’t sure what the new restaurant would offer.

new restaurant sign

Happily, the menu is the same and apparently the chef is too. Very good.

plates of food

Steak, pinakbet, fresh lumpia, and orange chicken.


Fujairah Food and History Tour

May 31, 2014

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First a word of explanation, at the end of July our residency in the United Arab Emirates will come to an end. We are moving to Shanghai, China. A new job and a new cultural adventure await us. This is why the blog posts have been few and far between lately. First I was spending a lot of time job hunting and now we are spending a lot of time with the paperwork and errands involved in extracting ourselves from one country and moving into another. It is time consuming.

We are also having as many farewell get togethers as we can. Today was  number three, a Fujairah food and history tour.

cone shaped crisp flat bread

We began with breakfast at Saffron, a vegetarian Indian restaurant at the Perfume Roundabout. This is ghee roast dosa. We also had idly, vada, poori baji, and tea. Well, some of us had tea. Those who arrived late were shocked to hear the waiter say that they were out of tea. What Indian restaurant runs out of tea?

a restored 300 year old fort

Next was a quick stop at Fujairah Fort. The high temperature today was 99F/38C, so it was a bit unpleasant to be getting out of the car.

mountains in the distance, flat desert area in the foreground, two people walking

We drove up Wadi Mahdab to see a couple of archeological sites – copper smelting area and old irrigation trough. Again, it was blazing hot, so we didn’t dilly dally.

goats nibbling on a tree

We then drove to Gizemri and Wadi Sahm to take brief looks at various archeological sites and goats.

table filled with dishes of food

Lunch at Oriental Restaurant, in which we stuffed ourselves with wonderful food.

empty plate

Easy come, easy go.

two bulls butting heads

We finished with the bull butting competition.

A lovely day with good food and good friends.

To see all the pictures, click here.


Wadi Safad

May 9, 2014

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green hill with archeological ruins

This is an archeological site in Wadi Safad. There was a small fort at the top of the hill, houses on the sides of the hill, and a mosque at the lower left. The two standing walls are a newer structure, probably a tobacco drying shed. Notice how green the hill is. This photo was taken in February and proof of how wet this winter was.

buried pipeline and warning sign

Not only does the road cut through this archeological site, but right up against the base of the hill is the oil pipeline that runs from Abu Dhabi to the Fujairah port.

close up of fort ruins at top of the hill

Close up of the fort at the top. For more information, read An archaeological and architectural evaluation of a fort in the Wadi Safad, Emirate of Fujairah and A Preliminary Survey of the Archaeology of Wadi Safad, Fujairah, UAE.

feral donkey

A donkey wondered along while we were there.


Al Bidyah Forts

March 15, 2014

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stone ruins

We returned to the Bidyah area to take a look at what remains of a Portuguese fort. In the background is a roof structure which protects a much older fort that we visited previously.

stone ruins

The Portuguese fort dates from the 16th Century.

stone ruins

If you are wondering where this fort is, it is in Al Bidyah behind the Ice Palace.

three story building with ice palace restaurant

More information here and here