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Ukraine: Day Two

June 30, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

brown toilet paper rolled tightly with no cardboard center

One guess what this is. It’s not very attractive or promising, but it is serviceable.

shoes placed on the heated towel rack

After the rain storm, my shoes were quite soaked. Luckily, we happened to have a water heated towel rack that dried them effectively.

We spent most of the day light hours blogging and sleeping and more sleeping. In the evening, we headed out for a walk to the downtown area (approximately 2 miles). It was just a leisurely stroll, looking at the sights …

ornate church spires

looking in store windows …

porcelain figures, a horse drawn carriage

and counting the many sushi bar signs.

orange sign for the Manga sushi bar restaurant

We stopped in here for dinner – Puzata Hata.

red sign over a restaurant door

It turned out to be a cafeteria style restaurant where one gets a tray and goes down the line pointing to food desired.

two trays full of plates and bowls of food

Here is what we ended up with. Chicken, potatoes, salad, dumplings, and borsch. This spread cost us 124.55 Hryvnia ($15.27 US or 56 AED). When selecting the bottled water, I had compared the blue label and the green label to try to decipher what the difference was. I could not, so just went with the green label. Upon opening it and having it explode, I deduced that green label means sparkling water. Blue label, therefore, is probably still water. Live and learn.

yellow building with a red roof, yellow bus, city street

We continued our walk downtown with my mood much improved with my hunger finally sated. The architecture is lovely and varied. It is refreshing to see an old, well established city with a clear identity.

mechanical candy making machine in the store window

We stopped into another Roshen candy shop. This one had a lovely candy making machine in the window to amaze children, young and old.

beautiful building with fountain, lit after dark

The sun went down and the lights came up. We stopped here for a while to sit on a park bench, rest my feet, and watch people go by.

The downtown area was full of people enjoying a pleasant summer’s evening. Due to the weekend the streets were closed to automobile traffic and pedestrians were free to wander where they would. Buskers and street performers were out and about.

In fact, here’s a little taste.

In the end, we took the metro train back to our neighborhood and called it a night.

For all the pictures, click here.


More Ridin’ the Green Line

September 19, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Dos and don’ts of riding the Dubai metro.

Do read the screen carefully on the ticket machine or you’ll end up getting a day pass when you really just wanted to add money to your Nol card.

Don’t bother minding the gap, because there isn’t one.

Do go to the front car (if it isn’t too crowded) to get a good view of the track ahead and the satellite covered roof tops.


Hagia Sophia

January 26, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

So, we’ve been walking around Istanbul, taking pictures of cats, buying groceries, etc. We finally did the tourist thing today and went inside the Hagia Sophia. We decided to just go in cold with no guide or audio tour. We’ll go back a second time to do that.

view of the main floor of the Hagia Sophia from the second floor

I stood in the approximate center of the main floor and recorded the below video to try to give a 360 view starting with the dome. It may give you some small taste of the grandeur.

I took many pictures and you can see them at

sign showing carving in the marble by a Viking

Those damn Vikings. You can’t take them anywhere.


New Year’s Eve in Dubai 2010-2011

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We celebrated much the same way as last year with fish dinner at Bu Qtair and a short walk down to the beach to watch the fireworks at the Burj al Arab.

There were cupcakes (courtesy of the Nystedts).
tray of cupcakes

My camera takes crappy pictures in the dim lighting and if I use the flash, everyone has red eyes. So, you will have to take my word for it that there were nine of us over the course of the evening. No hats, but there were noise makers and confetti poppers.

Then, the fireworks. (To see all the still photos click here.)




Oliver’s new bag

October 20, 2010

Dubai Aquarium

September 9, 2010

We stopped by the Dubai Aquarium to purchase annual passes and took a quick walk through.

It was Otter nap time.
otters sleeping in a hollow log

At first we thought these were beavers, but they lacked the appropriate tails. They are nutria.
large furry animals

This crab was quite large and tasty looking.
large long legged crab


Amusing Duck and Friend

August 5, 2010

Posted by Kanga.

It’s been a long time since my last toy video. This should make up for it.